Handed Down

Part of the fun of having the three musketeers is dressing them in the same outfit and taking pictures to compare them at similar ages. Well I guess I should say ‘part of the fun…FOR ME’ since the professor doesn’t think this is particularly fun at all. And pretty much rolls his eyes whenever I have a designated ‘outfit slash photo opportunity’ moment.

Fortunately…FOR HIM it only happens once or twice in a great while. If I could, I would repeat these little ‘dress and compare’ exercises at least once a month. But, as it goes with slobbering spitting children, not every piece of clothing is hand-down-able. And I can’t always remember (in a timely fashion) who wore what when, locate the particular outfit, dress the particular child in the particular outfit.

And take a decent photo.

8 thoughts on “Handed Down

  1. I never understood why parents think it’s so cool to do that…same outfit with different children…I guess you have to have children to understand this phenomenon :\

  2. PS – don’t get me wrong, I think your kids are pretty stinking cute…but I think many things change when you have kids…for instance, right now, I would dare to say that I would never do the same-outfit-different kids pictures…but reality gets distorted when your world is soaked in drool and spit-up…and I would probably be just as guilty as the next mother…in fact, I would probably commission a huge painting of such and proudly hang it over my fireplace, hahaha! πŸ™‚

  3. WOW. Sorry. I just realized that I’m not making any sense at all and blabbing on and on. My point: your kids are cute and keeping taking pictures πŸ™‚

  4. What sweeties! They all look so distinctive from each other! I think P and G have the same shape of a face, and G and H have the same eye color, but that might be it?

    I think I might have to borrow your idea… πŸ™‚

  5. Kim, do you mean hypothetically as in what happens when ‘one’ has a girl after having a boy?! In that case you dress the girl in the same outfit. It’s only one picture, after all. Monica – G and P have identical ears! I’m kidding. I do think the babe is a good mix of his older brothers. But yes, only the Hen got my astronomical cheeks..


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