Mr. and Mrs. Enthusiasm

‘Do you want me to run you a bath,’ the professor asked the other night. ‘Sure,’ I replied, ‘that’s fine’. ‘Nope, I’m sorry, I’m going to need something a little better than fine,’ he informed me. Making it clear that there would be no bath until I jumped up and down and did a cheer.

‘You would have said exactly the same thing,’ I countered. Because I can’t even recall a moment in the last sixteen years of togetherness that Mr. Johnson has managed anything more enthusiastic than ‘sure, sounds good’ or ‘yep, that’s fine’. There may have been a couple of ‘that could be fun’s thrown in along the way. Just to mix it up.

But not many.

‘Yeah, you’re right’ he relented. ‘I was doing (student) reviews and they’d actually done pretty decent stuff, and I was trying to be all enthusiastic and positive, but the best I could come up with was calling it strong work.’

‘Strong work?’

I believe it though. We get in a near-fight every time I show him something I like – a picture I’ve taken or a watercolor I painted and he responds with ‘that’s nice’ or ‘that’s pretty good’.

Which leads me to ask ‘what’s wrong with it’ and then he’s dumbfounded as to why I’d think something was wrong with it because he’d said it was ‘pretty good’.

It’s the same with movies. There are those who saw ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ in the movie theater, and loved it. Whereas the best I could do was pronounce it entertaining. And ‘Up in the Air’? It seemed like the movie got rave reviews, so why was I so underwhelmed by it? Despite George Clooney being in (nearly?) every scene?

We’re on a seriously terrible movie streak at the moment. I can’t recall the last time a good movie was viewed, chez Johnson. The professor picked up ‘Couples Retreat’ a few weeks ago. He thought the combination of Vince Vaughn and Jason Bateman would guarantee a few laughs. Wrong. In fact, I’d say that movie deserves a slew of Razzies. A veritable truckload. Even ‘Duplicity‘ with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen seemed dumb somehow. Mr. Johnson decided that ‘In the Loop‘ was funny. But I didn’t have the fortitude to sit through another potentially bad movie, so I spent the time working on tax returns instead.

If anyone out there in cyber space has seen a decent movie in recent history. Please tell me about it. So I can get Couples Retreat out of my mind. So I can go back to Blockbuster and rack up more late fees.

3 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Enthusiasm

  1. Ugg, I didn’t like Couples Retreat either…but then again, I’m not usually a fan of the movies where everything turns out to be roses-and-rainbows in the end with minimal conflict. I know it’s not your cup of tea, but I liked Zombieland…then again, I pretty much love anything Woody Harrelson does…even the crappy movies 🙂

  2. Crazy Heart is good but I don’t think it’s on DVD yet. I’m really hooked on the TV show Mad Men right now. I watched Season 1 and Season 2 is even better.

  3. Since it sounds like I’m as picky a movie watcher as you, I won’t be much help. Jason really liked District 9. I thought it was stupid. We both thought Julie & Julia was dumb and Away We Go was cute but overrated. We did both love Avatar, though it woulda benefited from a good editor to slash it down a little…Why do you think I watch mainly The Office reruns and House Hunters International? (Which, by the way, had a Calgary episode on recently).


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