Clovers and Leprechauns

‘Two things’, our oldest announced to his dad at Kindergarten pick-up yesterday. ‘Tomorrow is library day and it’s St. Patrick’s Day. So I have to wear green or I’ll get pinched.’

Apparently two of his male classmates had informed him that failure to wear something green on March 17th results in getting pinched.

So he got up this morning and ransacked his closet, looking for something green. The only green shirt he owns is a size too big, but no matter. He could not risk the consequences of showing up at school in any other color. And, since the baby was already wearing a green sleeper, the professor decided to clothe the Hen in green as well. Pants and shirt.

The Gort looked at my pajamas ensemble as I stood in the kitchen making non-green pancakes. ‘You should wear your green and white dress today,’ he suggested. Except I don’t own a green and white dress and told him so. But he ran upstairs, anyway, and dismantled my closet as well, looking for the green and white dress. Which ended up being a green shirt.

So, happy St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve got some cleaning to do. Also, it’s really hard taking a picture with your left hand of yourself and three kids.

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