Olympic Spirit, 2

‘Tomorrow I have to wear a red shirt and red pants and…’ the Gort informed me importantly when he climbed into the van after school on Wednesday.

‘Why?’ I asked, clueless as to why he’d need to report to school looking like a red pepper.

‘There’s a note,’ he told me as he handed me his backpack. I uncovered the little strip of goldenrod paper which informed Kindergarten parents that children needed to wear ‘something red‘ (not red pants AND a red shirt) to show their support of the Olympics.

Or something like that. I threw the piece of paper away so I don’t recall the exact wording.

It was time to get dressed yesterday morning and I remembered about the ‘something red’ business. ‘Remember, you have to wear something red today,’ I reminded my oldest. He came downstairs wearing a bright red shirt with tan stripes.

Later on I asked him, ‘why are you wearing red today?’ Thinking it might be useful to try and reinforce whatever it is he’d been taught at school.

‘Because the note said [we had] to’, he replied in his obvious tone.

It wasn’t really the answer I was looking for. ‘Yes, but why do your teachers want you to wear red today?’ I tried again.

‘Maybe so they’ll know we’re Canadians?’ he guessed.

On a related note, the Gort happened to watch some Olympic coverage with the professor the other day. A little advertisement for Wonderbread Plus popped up on the screen, featuring little kids in cute Olympic outfits. ‘Do you think you’d like to ski?’ I prodded as two little cherubs wearing ski clothes appeared.

‘Well, before we can go skiing we need to get some of that special bread!’ he decided.

Mais bien sur, without Wonderbread Plus, skiing would be simply impossible.

4 thoughts on “Olympic Spirit, 2

  1. G has such national spirit. I love that he called himself a Canadian. BTW… couldn’t the Canadians come up with something better to close the olympics with then inflatable beavers. Was I the only one that found this really, really ODD?

  2. Many Canadians were appalled that the high note of the hockey game turned to chagrin and shame with the closing ceremonies. Many of us turned it off before the high fell too far.

  3. Oh boy, I’ll have to youtube the Mcdonald’s commercials…Laura you should check out Jason’s FB status updates as he watched the inflatable beavers and whatnot. Sadly I missed it all. Well, except the um, hockey l-o-s-s.


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