Boy meets girls

The almost six year old, while not yet interested in girls, is certainly becoming more aware of and intrigued by the female species.

We had people over for dinner a couple of weeks ago, and they brought their two ‘older’ girls along. ‘Older’ meaning…..girls past the Kindergarten stage of life. The Gort was pumped when I informed him who our dinner guests would be. He came to the kitchen every few minutes for two hours, asking when his ‘friends’ would get there. He even drew a picture for each of the girls, and hovered by the front door until they (finally) arrived.

After which he hung around in that awkward way that younger, socially unsure boys tend to do. ‘Do you want to play duck, duck goose?’ he finally asked his guests. Who probably hadn’t played the juvenile game in several years. ‘Uh, no thank you,’ they replied politely.

As they sat down to eat their meal, he attempted some small talk. ‘Look! Paper towel,’ he announced. Pointing to the revolutionary roll of white paper perched upon the tabletop – not generally available in most North American homes.

He’s apparently trying out his ‘lines’ at school, too.

He came home from school a few weeks ago, having worn one of his dressier button-up shirts. ‘I asked the girls in my class if I looked handsome,’ he reported. ‘And, what did they say?’ I asked, half curious and half fearful that his confidence had (potentially) been crushed. ‘They said yes’, he informed me. And I breathed a sigh of relief. This time. Although I sensed a day might come when the girls might not be so agreeable.

A few days later I asked, as I usually do, ‘who was your friend at school today?’ ‘Alexandria,’ he replied. As he usually does. ‘Aren’t you friends with any of the boys in your class?’ I pried. Since he only ever talks about the girls in his class. ‘No, ‘he answered me matter-of-factly, ‘the girls are much prettier than the boys.’

5 thoughts on “Boy meets girls

  1. Owen basically grew up with girls and only really started ‘playing’ with groups of boys this year. He still considers a few girls his ‘best’ friends.


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