Top Ten Reasons to buy a Chevy Venture

(This blog is basically read by a handful of my friends. And my mom. But occasionally, because it is the ‘internet’ and because I do rant about our car-van quite a bit, people who enter ‘Chevy Venture’ as a search term on Google end up on my blog.

I’ve no idea if these ‘searchers’  actually read my pathetic little car stories, but (in the off chance they do), I feel a responsibility towards them; to provide them with fair and balanced reporting on the ins and outs of Chevy Venture ownership.)

10. You have some cash lying around that you don’t want to invest in the stock market or other more conventional avenues.

9. You couldn’t find a suitable Chevy Astro so you have to settle for the next best thing.

8. You’ve read the book, but now you’re just itching to get your bare hands on a real, live, intake manifold.

7. You think your mechanic is hot and you’d like to see more of him.

6. You enjoy bumming rides from friends or spending your days at home, car-less.

5. You need a bit of physical exercise – the kind you can only get from manually closing an automatic passenger door.

4. You derive satisfaction from listening to your spouse complain about the car. Constantly.

3. You love the punch-line ‘you bought a Venture, what’d you expect?’ (Especially from your mechanic after you’ve handed him another check/cheque.)

2. You’re irritated by words like ‘style’, ‘design’, ‘aesthetics’ or ‘nice ride’.

1. You like the smell of gas inside the car as you’re driving around town. (Some call it a gas leak, I call it a lifestyle choice.)

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