Musical preferences

One of my favorite things about living in Calgary, is listening to CBC radio 2 in the car. On the way to kindergarten drop-off, I get classical music with Julie Nesrallah. She reminds me a lot of Alex Trebek, from Jeopardy. (Another Canadian….everyone who’s anyone is Canadian, it seems. Except Barack Obama.)

Julie reminds me of Alex because she pronounces everything within an inch of its life. You can practically feel the spit from her rolled r’s hitting you through the radio. And her overly correct French and German and Spanish….well, it’s a bit ‘de trop’.

But she seems genuinely nice. And she plays good music.

Though the boys tend to disagree.

I got in the car after church several weeks ago and found the professor busy with the radio. Apparently the Gort had charged him with assigning a ‘pre-set’ to a station they’d stumbled upon. Something a little more contemporary than, say, Mozart.

Which meant for the next several days, whenever I’d load the boys into the van and turn on the radio, the Gort would yell ‘hit number 3….hit number3!’ He’d had it with Julie and her ancient tunes. He wanted something a little more ‘with it’.

I relented compromised for a little while. But I decided it was a little early in the parenting game for my musical choices to have to take a backseat… my five year old kid’s. So I decided to ‘take back the drive’. My car-van. My tunes.

When I drive to school in the afternoon, I do so to the sound of Tom Allen’s soothing voice and musical selections. I have to say Tom has, unbeknownst to him, been responsible for most of my itunes purchases in the last several months. (A Fine Frenzy; Coeur de pirate; Great Lake Swimmers; Lhasa de Sela.) The purchases I make using the professor’s gift cards. ‘What did you buy this time?’ he’ll ask me when he gets the emailed receipt. (It’s only fair – he used my Zappos gift card last year to buy soccer shoes for himself.)

I thought the five year old was out of line trying to exercise his opinion about what should or should not be played in the car. Little did I know the two year old would be next in line.

We were on our way to pick up the Gort, listening to the radio. ‘I don’t like dis’ he announced. Before he’d heard more than a bar of the particular song. Apparently he makes his mind up, quickly. They played a remake of ‘Cecilia’ later on. ‘I like dis’, he announced.

‘You like it?’


He’s not always reliable with his opinions, though. Some days he’ll hear an advertisement and announce: ‘I like dis!’.

Uh, that’s not a song.

Other days it will be some piece of baroque music that will tickle his fancy.

Really, a Bourree? By Telemann?

Get that boy a harpsichord.

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