And we’ll have fun, fun, fun….until the stains don’t come out

On Friday morning the Gort woke up and decided he wanted to play with colored water. In the snow. And, seeing as it was yet another ‘professional development’ day for the Calgary school teachers, he had no school. Ergo I had an entire day of children-at-home ahead of me.

So I got out the food coloring and mixed up a bottle of blue, a bottle of pink. And, as the other half of the Johnson male quartet slept, the Gort and the Hen and I stood outside. In the snow. At 8.30am.

They squirted the colored water in the snow. And I took pictures. It was good fun that lasted about ten minutes.

Which means there were only ten more hours until bedtime.

When we got in the house the Hen asked if he could take a bath. ‘I wanna taka bath’ he announced. And, being superfun mom that I am, I let him play with his bottle of pink water in the bathtub. More good fun. And another ten minutes gone.

As the Gort was dousing his brother with bright pink water, the professor woke up and came downstairs. He was AGHAST at the colored tub water.

He informed me the tub would never get clean.

‘Did you notice how the kids’ bottles were stained? What do you think the bathtub is going to look like?’

I didn’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it.

‘It came off the floor without any problem,’ I muttered. Lamely.

‘That’s because it’s linoleum,’ he stated, ‘not plastic.’

And with that informative missive, bath-time was over.  I dismissed the tub’s occupants and started scrubbing and soaking and soaking and scrubbing. Visions of a white tub with bright pink accents driving me to scrub as if my life depended on it. Which it might have.

The matter was not as critical as ‘some’ had implied. The pink disappeared fairly easily. ‘Twas just the side that proved ‘tricky’.

In a certain light and at a certain angle, it is indeed possible to see a pale pink shadow, hinting at a past transgression.

But at least it’s not the kind of stain that warrants the purchase of a new bathtub to appease angry landlords. So, in my mind, all is well.

I guess Crayola makes those bath fizzy things for a reason.

3 thoughts on “And we’ll have fun, fun, fun….until the stains don’t come out

  1. At first the emotion is envy – that you are such a fun ‘crafty’ mom who lets their kids explore the artsy side of themselves.

    Then the feeling that takes over is Thankfullness that I don’t have to clean up all the artsy crafts that I don’t let my kids do.

  2. Yeah……well I find I’m becoming less fun-crafty-mom with each additional child…..clean-up IS a drag!


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