What IS it

I’d loaded the 3 kinder into the car-van. I was in the process of buckling my seatbelt, when the Hen muttered something that sounded like ‘a guy….a monkey’. He’s a bit of mumbling babbler, and a lot of his words sound the same. And he has a newfound habit of using ‘guy’ to refer to a lot of things. Same with ‘yellow’, which sounds more like ‘yebbow’.

So I asked ‘is it a guy?’

‘No’, he replied.

‘Is it a monkey?’


And, having given it my ‘best shot’, I felt okay to keep driving. Knowing full well that my two year old had said something and I had no idea what it was.

But my oldest son was not. Content to let it rest. Whatever ‘it’ is. So he treated the situation as an I spy game; naming everything we were driving past, hoping he’d stumble upon ‘it’.

‘Is it a stop sign?’ the Gort asked.


‘Is it a city bus?’


‘Is it a tow truck?’


‘Is it a white fence?’


‘Is it a green fence?’


‘Is it a red fence?’


‘Is it a wiki tiki?’


‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ a flabbergasted Gort announced, ‘there’s no such thing as a wiki tiki.’

2 thoughts on “What IS it

  1. the wiki tiki is nothing to scoff at. he shoot fireballs out of his mouth and is supported by an army of robotic little wiki tikis….


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