Good neighbors are hard to find

I was on my way out; I’d made dinner plans with a friend. I opened the front door just in time to see some unusual activity at the house across the street. Namely two men wearing black vests with the word POLICE written on the back. Entering the front door.

I alerted the professor, who has surmised on many an occasion that things weren’t entirely ‘kosher’ at this particular home.

Undaunted and somewhat energized at the possibility of finding out what was going on, I walked to the car which was parked on the street. Trying my best to look nonchalant – ‘breezy’ as my sister would call it. All while trying to gather as much information as possible with my darting eyes and ‘keen’ observational powers: a modern-day Lois Lane who just happens to drive an ugly minivan with three carseats.

There was another police officer standing on the sidewalk. Standing guard?

Maybe they just went in to have a word with the tenants, I thought to myself. A thought I quickly dismissed when I saw two more officers emerge from another door. Taking video footage of the front of the house as they exited; wearing those special protective black helmets and black vests. And carrying some of those long black ‘things’  that start with A and end with a number. Like 47.

And then I was…..annoyed.

I got out of the car-van and marched back inside the house. I pulled the wife card – dispatching the professor to find out what in the world was going on. I also pulled the kid card – ‘we have three small children’ – I reminded him. After all, if whatever they were doing across the street warranted the presence of long black things, should not the neighbors get some type of warning? Perhaps a little note in the mailbox that reads: ‘doing a drug bust today at #1234, might want to stay indoors.’

The professor returned a few minutes later. With little more information. ‘City-wide operation’ and ‘nothing we need to worry about’.

When I returned two hours later, police officers were still milling about. It looked like they were carting away bags of ‘stuff’.

The whole thing reminded me of a friend’s recent Facebook status update. She’d discovered that the house next door to her was shelter for some nefarious operations. For several months she’d wondered about the foreign women arriving late at night. Carrying suitcases. She’d been puzzled about the strange flyers strewn across her backyard one day. Not at all appropriate for her young children.

Sure enough, it turned out they were purchasing women from overseas and selling them here.

Ah Calgary…..not as innocent as you might think.

7 thoughts on “Good neighbors are hard to find

  1. ohhh, the joys of living in a big city. right after josh and i were married, the swat team was doing an early morning raid of the house two doors down from us…and they were hiding behind bushes and behind cars parked on the street…and sleepy-eyed me went wandering into the street to get to my truck to go to work and was rudely yelled at to either get back indoors or get the hell out of the neighbourhood. crazy kids 😛

  2. orlando…my mom is sitting on the couch and suddenly says, “I think a policeman just ran through your yard with his gun drawn!”

  3. Small town Pendleton Indiana…I noticed that my neighbor next door had several visitors throughout the day, all men, who stayed only about 15 minutes or so…one day I counted how many men came for a visit…the number was 15! Turns out, our sweet, single lady neighbor, was a prostitute, selling herself for drugs. We had the drug task force stake out in our yard for a few nights. Try explaining that to my kids!

  4. Theresa, I’m guessing you didn’t use the words ‘entrepreneurial’ or ‘working from home’? I guess it pays to be nosy in this world, especially if police are going to run through your yard with their weapons…..

  5. She use to steal our veggies from our garden so we told the kids she was being arrested for stealing..a good lesson taught…however seeing men in black with guns for stealing some tomatoes may have been a bit overboard.


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