The two month old


Save being the main subject in the family photographs, the littlest member hasn’t gotten much press. For now, he’s sweet and cute; he sleeps and eats and smiles. And he’s remarkably accurate with getting his fist in his mouth. I could say he seems pretty relaxed and easygoing, but what choice does he have? In this house, he’s kind of third on the totem pole. Feedings, diaper changes and naps all revolve around kindergarten drop-offs and pick-ups and other scheduling commitments.

It reminds me of the one time we went dog-sledding in northern, excruciatingly cold Minnesota. In December. It was vastly different from the nearly romantic image I’d had in my mind: sitting in a dogsled, being whisked in and out of spectacular scenery…

Instead it was brutally cold and we were woefully underdressed. And the ride was incredibly bumpy and also….like that horse carriage ride on Seinfeld….the dogs poop while they’re running. So you’re sitting there, beyond frozen, and then a nasty whiff of excrement finds its way to your nasal passages. The musher, in fact, commanded them ‘sh*t and run….sh*t and run!’ Which we’re still chuckling about, nine or so years later. But, when you’re trying to win the Iditarod, there’s no time for potty breaks.

And that’s sort of what life is like for the baby of the house. ‘Nap and run’…’eat and run’…’poop and run’.

A few weeks ago, I was feeding the little tyke when his brothers required some urgent disciplinary action. And then it was time to go to Kindergarten. And… hour and a half later, he was able to finish his lunch. Good thing he has some ‘fat reserves’ in those little rolls on his thighs.

Another ‘drawback’ of being the baby – he’s either being held by someone or sitting in his bouncy seat. Meaning…the kid has zero ‘tummy time’. A realization that just occurred to me the other day. ‘I think he’s lazy,’ I told my sister over the phone. ‘He doesn’t do anything…the other boys had both rolled over when they were his age.’ (Just from tummy to back, but still.)

That’s because the other boys spent time playing on the floor. But these days, if we put the baby on the floor there’s a good chance he’s going to be ‘accidentally’ trampled by one of his brothers. So, for safety’s sake, it’s better to keep him elevated.

Hopefully he’ll figure out how to roll over before he gets to Kindergarten.


The Johnson boys at around the 2-month mark

2 thoughts on “The two month old

  1. So cute! Love the comparison shots! And… I don’t think babies are supposed to be rolling over at 2 months! Avery had all of the floor time in the world and she didn’t roll until 7 months!!!

  2. Oh NICOLA!!! Seriously I haven’t even talked to you since this little man was born, Im so sorry! Piers is so cute! HOw is life with 3 boys? Are you getting settled in Canada? When will you be in Muncie? I want to come see you where you are back!


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