Freakingtired Friday

Dear Girls-in-high-school-who-think-having-a-baby-will-be-really-cool

Babies are cute. That is true.

Except when they scream and don’t sleep at 3am. They’re not cute at all, then. Having a baby will cause you to lose the ability to speak. And you will say strange things. Like when someone asks you ‘do you have 3 boys or girls’, you’ll reply ‘girls’. And look like a weirdo when you have to say. ‘No I don’t, I have boys. I don’t know where that came from!’

Also babies make you look like this.

And, when your baby-daddy goes to the dentist at 8.30 he’ll say things like: ‘do you think they will even let me in, or do I look too much like death?’ And you’re not sure, really, because your eyes can’t focus properly to know if the grayish pallor of his skin is real or imagined.

And when you have babies, they grow up. And they still spend all night howling and crying (see exhibit A in the green pajamas). Miraculously, though, they look a lot better than you. And can even play cars with their older brother.

Any questions?

9 thoughts on “Freakingtired Friday

  1. The twins think ‘baby cute’ but I think the verdict is still out on mom. I think it was nice to see the hair down.

  2. LOL! Well he is pretty stinkin cute! I totally understand on the not being able to speak properly and feeling weird! I am cracked up that Goran lines his cars up in such a straight line of millions of cars. Poor Henno…I guess he’s your least fav today, but you know, he is pretty stinkin cute too!:) And yes, ‘hair down’ is a good look for you!

  3. That’s little Nicola in the yellow onesie! Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep – wish you could bring them over so you can nap.

  4. You totally have my sympahy and empathy. When I commented to my mother-in-law, “I looked in the mirror and realized I look even worse than I feel,” all she said is, “you need sleep.” Pretty sad that she agreed with how bad I look!

  5. Ah Nicola, you are not alone. Our baby #3 is over 4 months old now and still wakes up constantly. I look and feel like death. I told myself I would be exercising diligently by the time he was 6 weeks old and the treadmill gets no use and my 30 lbs. just stay right on me. You’ll never see a picture of me on facebook. It’s far too scary! And I say lots of strange things too and forget to pay the bills and call the kids by the deceased cat’s name, etc. You get the idea.

  6. I was taking a second look at the pictures and I realized that Nicola with her hair down (on a bad day) looks like me most days!!! – and I don’t have a newborn.


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