Ode to a Bureaucrat

I see you sitting there
Taking your time before coming to my aid
It’s to be expected when there’s a 5 to 1 ratio
…….of employees to customers

I realize you’re busy
Sitting around, drinking your office coffee
spinning around on your ergonomic black office chairs
probably updating your facebook status
maybe even tweeting
‘woman just walked into the office…I’ll see how long I can make her wait
before steam comes out of her nose’

or is that more than the allotted 150 characters?

I don’t mind waiting the extra ten minutes, really
I’m sure my kids aren’t going berserk in the van
And my husband won’t give me the look of death
when I finally emerge from what should have been a quick errand

I’m sure he won’t say charming phrases like
‘can this day get any more fun for me
because watching you not help me was pretty fun

4 thoughts on “Ode to a Bureaucrat

  1. and boom goes the dynamite… bureaucrats must be banished to a van full of screaming children, but first they should have to wait in line and fill out pointless forms…

  2. If you must know I this went over my head because I was unsure of what a Bureaucrat was….I just figured out(with Earle’s help) that you must be talking about a government worker type person…and that does as a matter of fact make this funny! I totally get it now!!


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