On becoming my mother, part 1.

The second or third day after we brought our newest addition from the hospital, I turned into my mother. I was standing in the kitchen, making coffee most likely, when I noticed a few birds perched outside on the deck.

And the first thing that popped into my head was: ‘oh, we should feed them..wouldn’t that be so fun if we fed birds on our deck?’


If it was possible to do a double take at myself, I would have, because never before had such a thought even entered my mind. When the Gort made a bird feeder at preschool, I only hung it on a tree because he was excited about it. Not because I cared about actual birds getting fed. Feeding birds is something my mother has done, for as long as I can remember. I’ve never had any interest in feeding birds, or even studying them. It’s something I associate with, dare I say it, ‘older people’.

Feeding birds, in my mind, is just one step removed from bird watching. A hobby only enjoyed by ‘old’ people. The next thing I know, l I’ll probably ask for a pair of binoculars for Christmas. And a big bird book to go along with it. A shiver ran down my spine as I processed all of this information in the nanoseconds that passed from the time I saw the birds…..to the time I took pieces of leftover waffle outside for them to eat.

Which, they didn’t.

Growing up, we had family friends who were really into bird watching. We’d go over to their house which was a rather dull place for kids to go since there were no toys. Most of the books I remember seeing in the house, dealt with birds. They talked about different kinds of birds they’d seen. I’m pretty sure they had binoculars sitting around, too. I believe they even went on ‘vacation’…and looked at birds.

It all sounded very boring to my young self: sitting around, watching birds.

But, apparently, once you hit the big 3-5…it’s what you do.

Too bad the new ‘me’ didn’t arrive when we were in the throes of the B3 name crisis. I’ll bet there are some excellent bird names for a young lad.


13 thoughts on “On becoming my mother, part 1.

  1. Have you started listening to the weather report yet? You know that’s next. I bet you and your sister could/would happily identify some more old-people’s-favorite activities.

  2. a) just earlier I head a very strange squawking outside. a differnt bird for the eastern plains of colorado, no doubt. and I thought to myself, “I should do some bird watching later and figure out what that bird is!”

    b) I know people who own that clock. yes, they are “older”.

  3. My cousin’s daughter’s name is Oriole.
    My grandparents own that clock and each hour plays a different bird song. However it is broken so the birds sing at different times and out of tune or with only one note.

  4. I’m not sure if you knew this when you typed that Sparrow comment, so I’ll tell you… (something tells me you already know…) 🙂 Nichole Ritchie gave birth a week ago and named him Sparrow ________ Midnight Madden. I can’t remember the 2nd name.

    1. Ha, Heather – you’re right – I do know about Nicole Ritchie’s Sparrow. I’ve given up on keeping informed about actual current events – I just stick to Celebrity Babies…

  5. First a minivan and now that clock…. please just kill me now.

    ps. yes I am reading your blog in class…as I listen to someone discuss dominance vs. subdominance vs. subordinate… maybe the birds can just peck out my eyes and ears right now.

  6. A few months back, our #1 exclaimed he wanted to be an ornithologist (I figured you needed the link to wiki). I’m not sure when it started, but we even have a spreadsheet that tracks the comin and going of birds in our yard.

    I would blame the fact that we are both approaching the rolling-over of the tens digit to a “4”, but both our #1 and #2 love the birds. That said, I think the clock is for older people. Maybe we’ll wait until we hit the 50’s?


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