There’s no such thing as a free lunch, 2

In the next month or two we’ll host some visitors – on account of number 3’s arrival. That’s currently the name we’re going with: ‘number 3’ or ‘3’. It’s our oldest’s idea. ‘I think we should call him three’ he has said several times when asked about a suitable moniker for the third musketeer.

So, family will come and stay with us and while we now have an actual guest suite in the basement – complete with mini kitchen and separate bathroom, it’s been void of an actual guest bed. I’d put ‘guest bed’ on one of our to-do/find/buy lists but suddenly it was the weekend before my mom was due to arrive and we still hadn’t come up with a solution.

Enter ‘Free’ Craigslist. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was holed up in the office perusing the list of freebies. I clicked on a post for a free king sized bed. As I read through the verbiage, it felt familiar somehow. The language was positivitely enthusiastic – completely unlike 99.9% of Craigslist posts. The ‘giver’ divulged they had recently moved into a new home and the bed had been left by the previous owners along with several other items.

The language, the location, the recent move….all led me to believe the owner was one of the handful of people I know in Calgary: my American friend Erin. But what were the odds, in a city of a million people? I expressed my interest in the bed through Jason’s gmail account, and went downstairs. ‘I may have found us a free king-size bed,’ I told Jason, ‘ and I could swear it’s Erin who listed it.’

Sure enough, later that night Jason received a reply to his email account – from our friend Erin. ‘Is this Jason Johnson – Nicola’s husband?’ And a few days later we drove to her new home and checked out the bed, which we decided to take. She even fed us dinner. Jason returned, solo, later in the evening to retrieve the ginormous bed. Which, in typical Johnson fashion, we hauled into our house at 10pm. Quite a sight we must have been – if our neighbors were of the stalking variety.

Sure, there were two roundtrip car trips involved. And time. But, dinner and a bed? It felt pretty ‘free’.

Also, as we discovered this morning after a bright and early airport run, it’s right next to the playroom…so it’s possible to ‘rest’ while supervising ‘1’ and ‘2’. And it easily accommodates a family of five.

5 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as a free lunch, 2

  1. EVERY family needs a king sized bed. I’m pretty sure ours is directly responsible for dramatically enhancing our marriage – and no, not like THAT, but because we no longer have the ‘Move over! Get off my side! Well, the dog is on me! I don’t care, you’re totally on my side! Well, I’m falling off the bed!’ squabbles every night….

    You might consider moving yourselves down into that guest suite with the king bed and letting the guests have the rooms upstairs by the kids. 🙂

  2. VS, great ideas as usual….let the grandparents deal with the crazies while we sleep on the vast expanse in a darkened room.

  3. So are your eyes open or closed while you are “resting”? 🙂 I remember laying on the couch when i was pregnant for julian watching fina play. while nursing some very heavy eyelids!

    1. I have to confess I drifted off and woke up realizing the boys were running around the house doing who knows what……


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