Top Ten

A couple of weeks ago I emailed a pregnant friend who was approaching her due date; feeling certain she’d be part of the dreaded ‘overdue’ gang. Instead of peppering her with the much loathed question: have you had the baby yet, I shared with her the beginnings of my ‘top ten reasons why it’s good to still be pregnant‘ list.

I figured this time around I’d be prepared, nay proactive, and try to put a positive spin on my extended gestation period.

Ten (Best/Only/Fathomable) Reasons to be Pregnant for more than 40 weeks

  • 1. More time to find a really good name for the baby. (Or, just a name.)
  • 2. Ability to avoid, for a little while longer, having to feed someone every two hours, every day.
  • 3. Slightly more, if incredibly uncomfortable, sleep
  • 4. Extended wear of comfy maternity pants without being frowned at..
  • 5. Ability to keep being lazy, because you’re too uncomfortable and tired to do anything; or, conversely
  • 6. More time to ‘nest’ – get things organized at home
  • 7. Getting to the point where you’d gladly go through labor – such is your desire to get the baby out
  • 8. A chance to load up on beans, broccoli, tomatoes, garlic, chocolate and whatever else might make a nursing baby ‘gassy’. (This might be stretching the positivity a bit.)
  • 9. More time to play the pregnancy card or draw upon people’s sympathies for women in their third trimester
  • 10. Deferring the post-pregnancy look for just a little bit longer…


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