The third trimester

Less than two months to go until the estimated arrival date for baby boy 3. Given my record of holding babies hostage in my uterus, I’m fully expecting it to be a week or two beyond that. But, even with the ‘extra time’ I’m finding it a little stressful that we haven’t fully resolved the name issue. And by ‘fully’ I mean our positions haven’t changed since I last posted on the matter. So, seeing as we haven’t arrived at any other acceptable alternatives, I’ve decided to name this one ‘goodness’ or, at least, ‘tranquility’ in hopes that it would be a self fulfilling prophesy. I don’t think this family can handle a 5th strong personality.

According to babycenter, Mr. Tranquil Goodness weighs over 3 lbs and is 16 inches long. Which already feels pretty big, frankly. And he’s only going to get (a lot) bigger. This time around, when I hit the 30 week mark, I wept silently that the end wasn’t really in sight. Two months to go – that’s a long time. That much I’ve learned from pregnancies 1 and 2.

I vividly recall being at a doctor’s appointment when I was pregnant with my oldest. ‘I only have 9 weeks to go,’ I breezily informed the grumpy physician. ‘That’s still a long time,’ he replied. And he was right. Especially when it turned out to be nearly 11 more weeks before the esteemed Mr. G graced us with his presence.

In an attempt to make up for some pregnant partner deficiencies, Jason has tried to be proactive on the name matter this week.

I mean, I wasn’t necessarily offended when he inferred I was 36 weeks along. Instead of 31. I know he knows when the baby’s due. It’s just that I figured by the 3rd time around he’d actually know the number of weeks in a typical pregnancy. And he still doesn’t.

And then he got an email from a soon to be first-time dad. Who spent a couple of sentences talking about all the nice things he was doing for his wife. I can’t recall exactly, but I’m pretty sure there were massages and ice/heat packs and foot rubs and a few other things. I guess the fact that none of those things is happening chez Johnson makes me low maintenance. Or.

So in an effort to rise to the occasion Jason’s taken it upon himself to resolve the name issue. ‘Let’s get this name thing figured out,’ he announced on Sunday night. He asked if my feelings towards our ‘back-up’ name had changed. They hadn’t. Not discernibly. ‘What about Randy, or Lance’ he suggested. This would be why our name discussions go nowhere. No offense to Randy Quaid or Lance Armstrong, but those just aren’t names that speak to me. And that’s putting it very nicely.

We turned to the name bible, and decided to utilize its randomized name generator tool. Perhaps not surprisingly, we didn’t fall in love with the likes of Dubrovnik or Havel. Then we searched names by ‘meaning’ using words like ‘goodness, wise, and kind.’ Our pitiful attempt to ensure baby three will be a mellow one. But alas there were no good names on those lists, either.

Periodically I’ll ask my oldest what he would like to name the baby. For a long time he’s been stuck on ‘Mats’, but the other night he came up with a new name: Bennett. When I reminded him that Bennett just so ‘happens’ to be the name of his cousin, he seemed nonplussed. ‘If we say Bennett, how will the babies know which one we’re calling,’ I inquired. ‘Well, we’ll know which one is ours,’ he explained. Duh. ‘Yeah, but they won’t know who we’re talking to,’ I tried to explain. Duh. When that explanation didn’t make the desired impression, I resorted to: ‘Your Auntie will be really mad if we name our baby Bennett too.’ Not to mention it would be kind of pathetic. He didn’t seem to care.

In lieu of other ‘right-sounding’ options, Jason came up with two strategies: name baby three ‘Jason’ and find a new name for himself. (Maybe Angus?) Or, take the Hen’s middle name – which we’ve always been fond of – and bestow it upon baby 3. And then give the Hen a new middle name. Alternatively, he suggested changing a letter in the Hen’s current middle name and giving THAT to boy 3. One boy named Jasper and the other Jesper?

Hand me down clothes is one thing, but hand me down names?

16 thoughts on “The third trimester

  1. I commented on the wrong post….anyway. My friends just named their baby boy Jasper Tate. I thought the name had to have an “N” or an “O”? Has that rule changed? Do you have any cool boy names in your extended families (as in grandpa’s and the like)?

    1. It’s a ‘rule’ but we won’t kill ourselves to adhere to it??? I don’t think there are any cool names in the family tree – but I will investigate. I’m guessing they’d all be tough to pronounce, which is definitely a no-no.

  2. I went and searched “exotic baby boy names” for you. This is what I found…
    French names: Enzo means rules his household. Hugo, means thinker. Israel names: Uri, means God is my light. Italy names: Paulo means small. Russia names: Ivan, means gift from God. Alright, that’s a few more suggestions! Most of them follow the “n” and “o” rule!

  3. Heather those are all great names! Emile actually made a short list at one point, can’t remember why it got the kabosh – I think Jason thought it was hard to say or something.

  4. ohhh, i wish i was creative enough to help with name suggestions…however, i do like the ‘exotic’ ones put forth so far…
    josh went through baby names one time…for fun, i guess, and here is his list that i can remember: hawk, raven, bear-claw, talon, taser, rocky, badass, and arnie….do you sense a theme with these names?!?
    good luck, it sounds like you have lots of time! 😉

  5. I know I promised I would not suggest anymore names…but this is fun (thinking of names for babies other than my own…and I totally expect you to help us when the time comes)….how about Cannon? Noble? Kaliel? Just met a little one named McKeller and they call him Mac…Do you have any favorite authors? Whats your OB’s name? How about the name of a favorite park or city…okay, I’m starting to even annoy myself.

  6. The first sentence my eye went to on this post was:

    We turned to the name bible

    Only I read it as: We turned to the name, Bible.

    See how important punctuation is. Anyhow, for one quick second, I really thought you were naming your kid Bible.

    And fyi, Louis had no name for the first three hours of his life …

    1. Actually, Jason did spend a few minutes in ‘Numbers’…which yielded the name Asher. But it’s kinda popular, no?! Bible Johnson it will have to be 🙂

  7. I don’t know what why you’re having such a disconnect between your minivan search and the naming of your child. Given that this child is the one that’s forcing you into a minivan, it seems highly appropriate to name him Odyssey, Sienna, Caravan, Quest, Sedona or Routan. Just sayin’… 🙂

    1. Mmh, those strike me as ‘adventurous’ names, rather than ‘quiet like a mouse names’…but maybe Routan. It’s got an o and a n, too.


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