Mea Culpa….if I had to do it over again

I got a surprising amount of ‘flack’ about my bold and efficient packing strategies for the now infamous Screamfest 2009. Having lived through the ordeal, I have a slightly altered perspective on the whole thing.

First. Never pack bananas as snacks for a roadtrip. Unless you have a special banana container that will ensure they don’t get squashed by bags of candy and tupperware containers filled with cut up fruit. The bananas ended up smushed and no one was interested in eating them. So I, hoping to avoid food waste, deposited them in my mom’s fridge in Indiana, sure I would make banana bread or muffins or something. Well, I didn’t. And, two weeks later. She threw some seriously black bananas in the trash. It’s a bummer I didn’t know about this recipe at the time. (I omit the nuts and add a bit of vanilla…tasty!)

Of course, if I hadn’t packed bananas, I wouldn’t have had one of my personal favorite moments of the trip.

Jason walked into my mom’s house the morning after we landed in Indiana, having just gone to Clancy’s to vacuum and wash the car. Less than 8 hours after we pulled into my mom’s driveway. Not as easygoing as people think he is, that Mr. Johnson. ‘Please don’t let the kids eat bananas in the car again,’ he advised me.

‘Uh, we didn’t eat bananas in the car on the trip,’ I advised him.

Either he touched extremely old banana, or something else entirely. Either way, gross.

In all fairness, I can’t really speak to whether having four outfits at each person’s disposal was a good idea. On the day we arrived, my sister deposited a big bag of maternity clothes in our room. So, I actually had far too many clothes to wear on the trip.

Jason, on the other hand, seemed to constantly complain that he was out of clothes. Despite the fact that I was doing laundry all the time. (Not a big deal as far as I’m concerned since all our stuff only amounted to one load.)

Personally, I think he just couldn’t find where he’d put his stuff, and he wanted to take every possible opportunity to tell me how wrong I’d been to limit his wardrobe. Perhaps a little bit of organization, not more outfits, would stand him in good stead. Of course I didn’t dare mention this on our final day of driving when….someone woke up and couldn’t find a pair of clean underwear anywhere. I won’t reveal who, or what the person did to remedy the situation.

I will say that calling him Commando Johnson would not be unfounded.

I will also say that limiting our chitlins to one pair of pajamas each was dumb. A second pair would not have taken up that much extra room, and would have kept me from having to improvise on many an occasion. Frankly, those kids really seem to spill a lot of stuff on their pj’s. Personally, I think better fine motor skills would stand them in good stead – after all, how hard can it be to lift a spoon to one’s mouth without dribbling the contents onto one’s sleepwear?

Finally, though I can’t say for sure, I can only imagine that a handful of antidepressants, a pack of earplugs, and lots more chocolate would have served me well throughout it all.

Of course, additional chocolate would have made my ‘weighing’ appointment the morning after we arrived in Calgary, even more distressing than it was.

I’m sure it’s ‘all’ baby.

One thought on “Mea Culpa….if I had to do it over again

  1. I am sure Nicola was referring to my lack of socks leaving my feet strangely unfettered within my shoes as we traveled the Saskatchewan wasteland.

    Also just to be clear… I may have mentioned the potential for children dirtying their pajamas and the need for a back up pair prior to our departure… I’m just saying..


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