I Pity the Fool

The guest blogger is back to clear his name. OK not really.  I admit it I melted the kids’ sippy cup lids and the pan I was “steaming” them in and I dulled a knife beyond recognition trying to extract said lids from said pan only to find that all of the articles were indeed a total loss.  I may also have something to do with the insanity of these little beings that seem to follow us all over the place, while sneezing in our faces, fighting over objects that have no discernible value to anyone only to abandon them after winning the fight, kicking us either in A. the jewels or B. the container of their future sibling (you can do the math I assume) while riding in the shopping cart and begging, yes begging to get a t-ball bat and ball only to take two swings and say “That’s enough, you can carry it home now”.  

So of course one of us is blameless in all of this.  She is the princess and we are all gigantic boulder sized peas under the mattress.  So if we are to change our ways and give her the respect and deference she deserves we will need to listen to the words of one far wiser than we.  Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mr. T.  I pity the child that does not heed his wisdom, or the woman who dresses like his back up singers.

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