Dinner poems

‘I have NO choice today’ my oldest likes to say

when he’s denied something (trivial)

I had a choice today

I could let my children watch a movie while I made dinner

Or I could strangle them


They’re still alive


I didn’t want my children to bother me about dinner

I gave them the infamous Easter Eggs to play with

‘But we might break them’ my oldest warned

As he obliterated one with a chopstick

As though I hadn’t considered the possibility likelihood


I was pleased to note my youngest mostly ate his dinner tonight

Or did he just eat the meat, and not the pasta?

My oldest speared a butterfly pasta with his fork and held it in front of his face

‘This one looks like a big poop’ he declared

With a smile that indicated he knew it wasn’t the classiest thing to say

‘That’s an awesome observation’ I retorted.

What else could I say


Post dinner entertainment

I hear the youngest emptying the silverware drawer

Shouting ‘hello’

as he alternated dropping forks, knives and spoons on the floor

‘What are you doing’ I yell, even though I know

And am too tired to try and stop him

My oldest runs in with a placemat on his head

Holding a tiny pickle fork in his hand

‘Isn’t it crazy’ he laughs

Yes, it is

6 thoughts on “Dinner poems

  1. For some reason I’m still laughing about Mr. G running in with an orange placemat on his head and a tiny tiny fork in his hand. Jason brought me the coffee filter today. ‘You want coffee?’ There were a thousand eggshells inside it.

  2. Just think, it’s going to be even more fun with three boys! You’ll have lots of material for the blog.


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