We’ll have a Blue Easter

As I was going through the boys’ clothes buckets yesterday, (where I keep the clothes that they’re not wearing at the moment), I found some seersucker pants and a blue linen jacket. Size 18-24 months. Perfect for the Hen, for Easter. As with 90% of his clothes, they were worn by his brother at around the same age, and have been saved for him. Lucky kid.

Mr. G had worn this particular outfit to my sister’s wedding, nearly four years ago, when he was almost eighteen months old. I don’t think he ever wore it again. Maybe the pants, but not the whole ensemble. 

So I was a tad excited that the outfit would make a second appearance. Though it should be noted that the white polo onesie originally worn with the outfit, had to be thrown away due to some serious post-wedding chocolate stains. Thus the Hen’s outfit is slightly altered with the addition of a (new) blue pull-over. It’s almost bride-like, really; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

I eavesdropped as the boys were getting ready. ‘He looks like an old man,’ Mr. G squealed when his brother was dressed. ‘Isn’t he so cute?’ 

He was.

And, lucky for me, the outfit should make yet another comeback two Easters from now. 





Jason attempted to document the fact that the boys do have a mother. Unfortunately the blondies were over being photographed at that point.


11 thoughts on “We’ll have a Blue Easter

  1. I can’t tell if this is your blog or a Ralph Lauren catalog. Also, is that SUN I see shining and no snow… in Calgary? Happy Easter!

  2. Well if we’d been eating ice cream cones on a beach, it might have been more ‘Ralph Lauren’ but it’s Calgary. And yes – the back yard is almost entirely devoid of snow save for one patch. Though it’s supposed to snow on Thursday. Hurray. Let me know if you want me to send the pants and blazer your way 🙂

  3. Actually we ate ice cream cones at the beach of the river, which is by the way still covered in snow in large patches.

  4. hey! i just found your blog from carrie’s. i love your pics…your boys are pretty adorable…i like it when kids have to get all dressed up for the holidays – even when they get into trouble, they just stay so cute 🙂 hope you guys had a good weekend!

  5. Well the picture looked very springy, for what it’s worth.

    Heh, we’ll see in about 7 weeks if pants and blazer would be suitable 🙂

  6. Well, luckily you can’t tell the nailpolish only covers 3/4 of my nails. I made the mistake of painting them on Friday…


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