Culinary Inspiration

I haven’t been particularly prolific in the kitchen lately. There are lots of excuses for this.  Planning, executing, and returning from a trip to Seattle. Absence of trips to the grocery store – aka ‘bare cupboards’. And a general food malaise. Nothing sounds good right now. 

But I can’t feed my family cereal for another week, so something had to be done. 

First, we visited Costco. Which, really, is an excellent place to go with kids, despite the gargantuan check-out lines. There are typically lots of snacks being served in the hopes that you’ll buy whatever it is. Also, the aisles are pretty wide so if you have a nineteen-month-old with a burning desire to run, halfway through the shopping trip, it can be done with minimal damage. As long as you stick to him like glue. And there’s someone else to push your abandoned cart. 

Second, I visited my inspiration website. All the recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet and Self are posted on the website. So, if you don’t wish to subscribe to the magazines, or if you don’t personally want to store another recipe in your house, you can just go to the website. Voila! Even better, the website has a ‘buzz box’ which features the most ‘talked’ about recipes – the recipes generating the most ‘buzz’. Clever, no? 

I’m a fan of popular opinion – I figure a lot of people can’t be dead-wrong. Well, at least not when it comes to food. Well, what I really mean to say is, typically I find that a recipe that generates a lot of positive discussion or favorable reviews, is usually worth trying at home. At least fifty percent of the time. 

Case in point: the buzz box has the recipe for the lemon cornmeal cake that I raved about not too long ago. (BEFORE it was in the buzz box, I should add.) So, as I scanned through the buzz box, I came upon a recipe for Chicken Gyros. It seemed interesting enough to lure me from my culinary malaise, at least temporarily. Summery and easy, a good antidote for a palate that’s tired of winter food. (I’d definitely sprinkle a little feta cheese on top though, for extra flavor, especially if you go light(ish) on the salt and garlic as I did.)

Of course, this is not a recipe you want to make if you return from your Costco expedition at 5pm and your husband has to leave at 5.40pm for a lecture. And the kitchen is already on the messy side. And the kids are in their crazy hungry stage.

But sometimes that is what you have to do. As the dishes piled high and the messes grew, all I could think was: I’m going to have to clean this up before Jason gets home. Or he will kill me. I would have killed me if I came home to such a disastrous scene.

We ate sans our breadwinner. G enjoyed the meal, making comments like: ‘this is my favorite kind of food.’ The Hen….threw his on the floor. But, there’s always tomorrow. He also stood on a chair, hoisted my (empty) glass above his head and threw it on the table while I was in the kitchen, cleaning up. Yes, it shattered into a million tiny pieces strewn all over the table, chairs and taupe carpet. No, I was not pleased. 

In order to get the kids, err…kid, to help me with clean-up, I promised to let them watch a DVD. In order to motivate myself to help with the clean-up, I broke into the kids’ Easter candy stash, intended for Sunday.

They didn’t need those Dove Truffle eggs, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Culinary Inspiration

  1. I, too, haven’t cooked for a long time. Thanks for the Chicken Gyros idea. Might try it tomorrow or just boil another egg.

  2. See, this is where your high standards get you into trouble. I would just saute some chicken with some seasonings, onions, and fresh peppers and slap it on heated pita bread with some light sour cream & sliced cucumbers and *call* it gyros, without the 40 minute prep time. I’m all about lower standards. 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear I’m not alone in eating my children’s candy. I’m on the second round of Easter candy around here. I bought the first batch too early, and I ate bits of it while the sweet ones were sleeping on those nights that I just needed a little bit of something to get me through things like folding the laundry or doing dishes. 🙂

    Yesterday I found a photo of G & M & A at the farm festival a few years ago. We miss you guys!


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