On the Road Again: Groundhog’s Year

Four months into 2009, I have to say it feels an awful lot like 2008.

We’re moving. Again. ‘Just’ to another place in Calgary – but I still have vivid memories (scars) from our two-month-long-search last year for a suitable place to rent. I feel nervous and nauseous whenever I check out the ‘Rentfaster’ website. My jaw tightening as I try to differentiate a crappy property from a not so crappy property; wondering why the listing has a picture of the kitchen but not of any of the bedrooms. All while attempting to decipher the language used: ‘charming’ and ‘character home’ are usually attached to properties with wood paneling and floral wallpaper border. In the kitchen.

It’s a fairly dismal process, especially when you’ve done the necessary culling and still end up with lemons. One property was so dire from the outside, I didn’t even bother going in to see it. The Hen and I checked out another place yesterday that looked great…on the internet. But the pictures failed to show that the bedrooms and only bathroom are all directly off the living room. No hallway or separation of any kind. Just – boom – there’s the bedroom. And the dining room was more of a ‘dining closet’ bordering on a nook, than a space where 5 or 6 people could comfortably eat their food.

We drove by one prospect today, since it’s not yet available for viewing. ‘Absolutely not’, Jason pronounced as we whizzed by. There was an enormous tree in front of the house, obscuring the entire facade. Which, I’m just guessing, means it blocks any hint of light. And, while the RV parking in the back would be considered a bonus by some – I’d rather have a bit of a yard.

Upon leaving another property – this one quite nice inside, but at about 900 square feet, simply too small for all of us – G asked: ‘why did that house have such a small furnace?’

He’s used to seeing the furnace in our current rental, which dates to the early 50’s and is the size of a small spaceship. This from the same kid who checked out a repair manual for a Saturn station wagon at the library today. So he’d know what to do when our station wagon broke down. I didn’t even bother explaining that we don’t own a Saturn.

Who knows, maybe we’ll end up with one. Because in addition to looking for housing, again. We’re also looking for a car. Again.

Not only is the Volvo V40 station wagon too small for my broad shoulders, it is also too small to fit three carseats in the back. Ironically, our old 850 Sedan could hold three carseats, in a pinch. So we’re back to square one where the car is concerned. Except now we also have to get rid of the aforementioned wagon.

Any narrow-shouldered, good-gas-mileage-wanters out there???

Since Jason has not yet removed his embargo on the minivan, and most likely won’t..ever…our options seem somewhat limited. Especially since money is an object. ‘I saw a pick up truck the other day that could fit three seats across,’ Jason mentioned while we were driving to the ‘tree-house’. ‘You refuse to drive a minivan, and I refuse to drive a pick-up truck,’ I set him straight. ‘What about a conversion van – split the difference between the minivan and pick-up?’

As if.

So the search continues, on all fronts. Maybe 2010 can be the year we search for a vacation home.

As if.


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