It was another stellar day at the Johnson household last Tuesday.

I put the Hen in his crib for his regularly scheduled afternoon nap. I went downstairs to waste a few minutes on the computer. I heard him calling: ‘Mama, mama’. Not unusual – since he’s always yelling ‘mama’ when he’s in his crib…and awake.

What was unusual was that I was sitting in the ‘office’ downstairs, and usually the only way to hear him from that far away is if he’s wailing his little head off. But his ‘mama’ was clear….and sounded nearby. Not as if it was coming from inside a crib, in a room, with the door closed, from the second floor.

I went upstairs to investigate.

Sure enough, he was running between his room and his brother’s. Ostensibly looking for suitable reading material.

Having cleverly extricated himself from his crib.

It was late afternoon and Mr. G found himself looking for a book we’d read together earlier. ‘Mom, what was the name of that bear in that book,’ he asked. ‘Corduroy,’ I confirmed.

At which point he started calling: ‘Corduroy, Corduroy,’ while walking around the house looking for his book.

If only books replied.

It reminded me of Sunday afternoon when we were all watching basketball on the bed for a few minutes. G got mad about something – can’t remember what – and stomped out of the room with a few choice words. To underline his displeasure, he decided to slam our bedroom door shut on his way out.

Except I’d (as is my habit) draped a few items of clothing along the top of the door. And it refused to shut. Regardless of how many times he tried to slam it shut.

As good parents do, Jason and I sat on the bed laughing until the tears rolled down our cheeks.

Eventually he discovered the problem….but by then he’d forgotten (a) why he was so mad and (b) that he’d meant to slam the door shut.

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