The saga of the purple pants, continued

I’m willing to get my head chewed off by Greenpeace or whomever when I say this: it doesn’t always pay to be environmentally conscious.

In fact, you may (indeed, will) have to pay to be environmentally responsible.

Case in point: the now infamous pair of pale corduroy pants I bought for Jason a year or so ago. Which I converted to a lovely navy (purple) color for the low price of $10 plus tax.

Rather than risk having a husband who walks around town in purple pants, I then had to shell out an additional $15. For a box of color remover and two boxes of brown dye. Total cost thus far: $14.99 for the pants and $25 for its various color treatments. And, of course, tax.

Which means, until this afternoon, the pants had cost me roughly $40.

That is, until I washed a load of clothes with a shirt I’d also thrown into the aforementioned purple dye bath. With nary a thought that the white stripes on Jason’s black sweater would….turn purple. A splotchy, faded weird color – clearly a ‘mistake’. And clearly noticeable. The sweater is old and from Target – but it will have to be replaced.

Unless I cut off the sleeves and make Jason a summer sweater t-shirt……

To be continued.

2 thoughts on “The saga of the purple pants, continued

  1. Hahahahahaha! I was wondering about those pants when I saw the boxes of dye on the kitchen counter at your house on Sat. …thanks for the update! I think we need to see a pic of the actual pants and the summer sweater sleeveless t-shirt!

  2. Just don’t let Jason (wearing said pants and shirt) venture out with G (wearing an outfit of his choosing + lifejacket), and all should be well.


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