Family Pictures


Well, seeing as the first quarter of this year is drawing to a close, it’s safe to say that I am definitely not going to send out Christmas 2008 cards or emails. Maybe if I start planning for it in October of this year, I will be ready to go by the actual holiday.

So consider this picture, taken by the talented photographer Jayne Rohlfing, your official greeting from the Johnsons. Really, other than the fact that we moved to the frozen tundra and never managed to sell our house, 2008 didn’t bring much in the way of news. 

Well, maybe there was one other little tidbit…see below.

5 thoughts on “Family Pictures

  1. geesh! i miss your blog for a couple days and seriously big news is announced!! SUPER CONGRATS!! and 3 boys (well, 4 right) … i love it! i wonder if my camera would actually work in the frozen tundra?!

  2. Yeah, now I’m thinking next time we’ll just do individual shots and make a composite…since it was hard enough to get 2 (well, 3) to look at the camera at the same time!

  3. This picture is so great! You and Jason look fab and the kids look like they’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do at this age…a moment captured in time 🙂

  4. Ha ha Katie, that made me laugh. Yes, in fact the Hen especially acted particularly ‘age appropriate’. Maybe we’ll just reuse this one again next year – and photoshop in a third little man.

  5. What a great family picture! And wow, you knew what you saw at the last ultrasound!! Boys are fun, as you know!! At least you have the clothes and the toys!!!


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