English Weddings

As was mentioned earlier, I traveled to London last month to attend the wedding of a dear friend.

Prior to this ceremony, my only experience with English weddings was the nuptials of friends we attended in London less than two weeks after our oldest was born. (We were living there and took the Tube…not a cross Atlantic flight with a still-warm-from-the-oven newborn.) That, and having watched ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ more times than I care to confess.

Somehow I didn’t think Hugh Grant would show up at my friend’s wedding wearing over-sized glasses, however.

In the end it was a lovely wedding. The only similarity to the film being the final very traditional English hymn that was sung – which is also sung in one of the movie’s four weddings. And features one of the main characters, Scarlett, singing horribly off-key and about two bars behind everybody else. So it was difficult to sing that song with a straight face; I couldn’t stop chuckling. A quick look around confirmed I was the only one.

At the reception, the best man gave a hilarious though slightly more respectful speech than Richard Curtis might have written. Afterwards, I was chatting with the guy sitting to my left, the husband of a girl I marginally know. He was looking rather tan and glowing, which I thought odd since it was late February. And England is not exactly renowned for its sunshine.

I don’t remember the context of the conversation, but suddenly he made a statement in his defense: ‘every guy moisturizes.’ At which point I chuckled, because if every man moisturizes, I am apparently married to the only one in the northern hemisphere who never has and never will.

‘No they don’t,’ I countered, convinced this man had been told a lie by whoever convinced him to start using Oil of Olay in the first place. We decided to settle the matter with a quick survey of our table’s male occupants. Apparently (surveyed) males under 35 do apply moisturizer to their faces. Those over 35 either don’t, or won’t confess to doing so. Of course, one of our participants also carries a ‘man bag’…which made me wonder if moisturizing is really a metrosexual phenomenon.

One friend disclosed that her husband actually uses her moisturizer. It was slightly surreal. I felt like I was stepping into a new world or something; the blinders finally being removed from my eyes. Men actually moisturize? How did I not know this?

Though I did learn the secret to my tablemate’s glowing complexion. He’d left for a trip and, having run out of his own moisturizer, quickly grabbed his wife’s.

Not realizing it was of the self-tanning variety.

3 thoughts on “English Weddings

  1. I don’t think men in my circles moisturize either…certainly not the one in my household, unless you count the copious amount of lotion that he puts on his feet.

  2. Jason’s hands have to be cracked and bleeding before he’ll even realize he needs lotion on them, let alone moisturizes his FACE. I have, once or twice, bought him something I thought looked or smelled nice that promised men all kinds of wonderful skin benefits, while still retaining their manly aura. It has inevitably ended up collecting dust in the bathroom, only to be thrown away on a cleaning spree months later, completely unused.


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