What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

I never worry about the boys when I leave them with Jason – whether it’s for an hour, or a few days. I’ve heard there are some men who get nervous about being left alone with children, even their own. Luckily he’s not one of those men. He is perfectly capable of feeding and clothing them, and keeping them entertained. And surviving to tell the tales. He even tells the tales well.

That said, I am well aware there are differences in our parenting styles and tolerances for certain things. So I know only too well that when I leave them solely in his care, things are bound to be a little different than when I’m around.

I arrived home early evening on Tuesday and everything appeared to be in good order. The house was rather clean, the boys seemed to have been recently fed, and were wearing clean clothes. I think the washing machine and dryer had even been used.

Of course, there were little hints of some of the anomalies of the Jason regime. Like the Costco receipt I happened upon within my first hour of being home. ‘You bought toaster pastries?’ I asked. ‘The boys like them,’ he offered as excuse for purchasing three containers of sugary pastry. Boys? Mostly the oldest ‘boy’, if I had to venture a guess. Funnily enough, they turned out to be made with organic flour and sweetened with fruit juice. So the only ones actually eating the toaster pastries are mother and oldest son. Father and youngest son don’t seem to care for them.

When I gathered the recycling for a trip to the dumpster, there was a clear plastic lid that had once belonged to a huge Costco pizza. The kind that look like the cheap grocery store pizzas of my childhood. Must have been dinner one night. Three of the five macaroni and cheese boxes I’d left behind had also disappeared. There was talk of eating cinnamon rolls for snacks AND breakfast.

But what I’ve noticed most of all, is that the Hen starts ‘asking’ (pointing and grunting, more like) to watch a movie from the minute he gets up in the morning. Apparently, ‘Daddy’ had allowed the boys to watch a movie with breakfast and dinner. ‘It was the only time I had for myself,’ he protested.

And so the detoxification process begins.

6 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

  1. I had to laugh about the video. Paul is getting up with the kids tomorrow morning and somehow got “talked into” a video when they first get up. Sound familiar? 🙂

  2. What were those little frozen pizza rolls called that used to be such a Jason-favorite? Have you found the empty box yet?

  3. Totinos pizza rolls. I’m surprised he didn’t run to Safeway and pick up a bag! Lisa, somehow I feel slightly less guilty when ‘someone else’ puts in the video. At least I didn’t initiate it – plus you get to sleep in. As far as you know, they’re playing board games downstairs.

  4. Board games that promote viscious competition, fighting and getting ahead at all cost or sweet tales of a little chicken, overcoming the odds and preventing an alien invasion…. I ask you america, to be my judge.

    I was tempted by the totinos pizza roll, but I am pretty sure the boys lack the patience for waiting until those little mouth bombs cool on the inside.

  5. Nicola… I realized Daddy’s have such different standards when Analiese informed me one day, “Daddy lets us watch TV all day.” Sigh…


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