guess who’s back?

guess who’s back

back again

mommy’s back

tell a friend

now everyone get on the dance floor

pajama time


Yes, we can all relax now. She decided to come back.  I think the description of her cherub-like spawn from yours truly via this space did the final convincing to board that plane.  Well that and the 8 inches of snow we are scheduled to get over they next two days.  It’s 8:00 and all my peeps are in bed sleeping off there respective ailments. The boys and I engaged in some quick last minute cleanup, followed by a trip to a colleague’s house to watch some Champions League Football.  Arsenal took the lead 1-0 as we left for the airport to pick up the true hottie.  I will let N recount the tales as only she can but I got some awesome loot out of the deal.  Now if only there was a small envelope filled with time for me to read all this while drinking coffee and eating chocolate.  I love this woman.

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