Yeah its Hockey Day Eh.

So some things seem completely unnecessary to me. Like Boss’ Day, the layers of packaging on kids toys or the show Two and a Half Men.   But these things pale in comparison to the national holiday the boys and I awoke to this morning.  CBC radio kindly informed us that it was 10 below and today was Hockey Day in Canada.  This would be highlighted with hockey games all over the country matching retired hockey greats against members of the armed services, children with no teeth against children with fewer teeth and an entire town dressing up as  Don Cherry.  I found myself wondering what the heck every other day since the first flake hit the ground here has been.  This is Canada where the junior hockey team leads the news broadcasts when it announces its lineups. Were the minor league teams can play in the same arenas as their NHL big brothers and still pack the place out. You can smell the stench of sweaty hockey gear every time a minivan/SUV door opens for crying out loud.   Declaring a Hockey Day in Canada is like declaring a Fast Food Day in the US or a Fat Customer Day at Walmart.  You had them at hello and there is no need to rub it in.  OK well now that I have offended pretty much the whole of NAFTA,  let me get to the only reason several of you are tuning in.

ARE THE CHILDREN STILL ALIVE? Yes I have gotten the urgent emails, ignored the caller ID, and tried not to be offended by the insinuation that we are probably just rolling around in piles of macaroni and cheese boxes.   We are all fine thank you.  Like any good Canadians we bundled up and headed down to the local pond to take in some aforementioned hockey and underwhelmed by local talent, we wandered over to the playground and proceeded to play for 20 minutes with the only patch of exposed earth and rocks the boys have seen in months.  We wandered home, basking in the insanely bright and warm sunshine that seems to charactize even the coldest of days here in Calgary and stumbled upon the newly exposed sandbox in the front yard.  Ice was removed from the “digger” and trucks and the boys spent another half hour bulldozing snow and pine cones around the yard.  Finally their desperation for being outside gave way to the complaining of their cold fingers and we headed inside and trashed the house while I prepared the last of our provisions.  Over tomato soup and grilled cheese we debated whether tomorrow would be a “school day, a church day with snacks, a big church day, or just a play day”.  The answer was not well received since due to the lack of certain womanly qualities, I skipped the woman’s “coffee break” at the local church and G missed out on his Thursday snack.


So now that we have used up all the food prepared for us by the “beautiful one who travels abroad”, we will be the Three Stooges in a supermarket near you, my fellow Canadians.  I only hope we can score some sweet deals in the after Hockey Day Sales.

4 thoughts on “Yeah its Hockey Day Eh.

  1. I just have to say, at least the Calgarians are outside celebrating Hockey Day – not moping around, wishing winter away like me. I clicked on the link (didn’t know who Don Cherry is); is he the one wearing the carnation jacket?? Please don’t dress up like Don Cherry.

  2. I’ll tell you this….I will take grey skies and green grass over outrageously sunny skies and ice on the ground. ANY DAY. Do you know, the daffodils are coming up here????? Yes, the tube sucks and there was black stuff in my nose when I blew it. But the grass is green. Thanks for taking care of the littles.

  3. PS. I asked Conor if he’d ever watch the 2 kids so Ali could go on a trip. The look on his face was priceless….he said ‘hats off to Jason’.

  4. You crack me up. I think one time in an “emergency” situation I had to run into the dreaded Walmart with one of my kids not wearing shoes (or a shirt — can’t recall). Anyway… I was supremely relieved that I would not have to feel an ounce of embarassment. In fact, I may have “fit in” better than ever!


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