One Down and the Second Coming

Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring…. BANANAPHONE.  after a while you don’t even hear it anymore. The CD you put on in a continuous loop in hopes of enticing the boys to fall asleep so you could sit in a chair and watch the locals go INSANE over the Messiah’s coming to Canada.  There are seriously probably not enough paper bags in stock up here to prevent the collective, media/populace hyperventilation going on in the winter wonderland.  But I digress, because I know what you really want to know Mrs. Robinson is how are the kids doing? How many of us survived Day Uno? How many of the rules did we break?

Let’s just say that while you have most likes already made a Maison du Chocolat run, and perhaps indulged in some quiet unencumbered cultural enrichment, we have been preparing for the future.  With the current economic doldrums and the failure of a certain house (You know who you are 520 Alden) to sell we may have to develop some new survival skills in the future.  And so we collectively made a visit to the basement and gathered supplies for this little vocational lesson.

Secret Club

Yes if need be don’t worry the three of us armed with duct tape and boxes can take care of you and build our new house under the nearest bridge.  I am sure its reassuring in some way to know this.  These are of course the famous “Secret Clubs” from the George and Martha Hippo books.  This actually didn’t kill as much time as I had hoped so we had to improvise with some coloring and yes I admit it the nuclear option of parenting…. THE VIDEO…

It was at this moment that rules number 5 & 6 were added by G.  Following a debate  about weather rule number 3 had been broken in an exchange over property rights in our shanty town, G proposed rule #5 as a way to get past the impasse caused by pummeling his little Hermano.

Rule #5. Hugs

Yes its hard not to cry at moments like this, but you must resist. Not because you are a man of Nordic lineage but because it would only encourage this kind of clever escape from being in trouble.  The next time you might enter a room to find coffee poured into your laptop and get a Rule #5 thrown in your face.  So I bit my lip and congratulated the boy on a great new rule, so it was hugs all around.  But nay, he was not finished…

“Rule #6 is Lunch” he informed me.

“Lunch”, I asked.  “Yes and I want macaroni and cheese in a box with a bunny on it, not the OTHER kind (by which he means the delicious kind you slaved over for us the other night)”.  Somehow I imagine this is how our laws end up being so complex. Someone says something like “let’s give kids free health care”, which is a bit like hugs, who can be against that, but then someone insists on adding things like lunch and naps and ice cream and soon we have people arguing about what kind of ice cream and the whole thing goes up in smoke, or we get a tax code with so many little pieces in it you just cross your fingers and mail it in.

So we took care of rules 5 and 6 followed by a rule 4 followed by a rule 1 and managed to do so while observing rules 2 and 3. We revisited our little project….

Making the Best of It


A trip to the library, some delicious chicken chili, baths and bedtime.  All with only occasional lapses in adherence to rules 3 & 4. So it was a miraculously good day here and we hope you are having fun, living it up in the big city.  Now that you know who has left the country I am sure the sour moods of the populace will return, so I am bracing myself for the coming storm.

7 thoughts on “One Down and the Second Coming

  1. Jason – I do not know you at all, except for these weird virtual exchanges which I suppose are the stuff of modern-day friendship, but I must say, I bow before you. Not only do you give me a run for my money in Scramble – and beat me far too frequently – but you are one heck of a shanty-town builder. And you’ll do in a pinch as a blogger entertainer when the Marvelous Ms. N is abroad. 🙂


  2. Day 1 sounds like a huge success…makes me want to visit Shanty Town earlier that planned. Nicola – get your face out of the box of chocolates!

  3. Well, it seems I don’t need to come back, sniff sniff. The blog is being updated. Shanty towns are being built and my boy is SUGGESTING giving his baby brother hugs. I’ll stay in London, then. I still have a solid month left on my work permit.

  4. Well on day 2 hugs meant a punch to the face, H awoke with the MAAA MAAA, MAAA MAAA utterances at like 2 AM. If however you decide to stay be sure and send us some of that fancy british money for more ice cream and macaroni.


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