Full Moons and Valentines

I’m not sure if the full moon or the boys’ personalities were to blame, but I was on the verge of wringing their necks by the time Jason got home last night. He took one look at my face, swallowed a few bites of dinner and took our youngest to the library. (Actually he suggested I leave the house to go get a cup of coffee. But I declined – I was too tired to go out in public.)

He tried to take both boys but the oldest refused to go…preferring to stay home.. with me. I refrained from saying: ‘but I need you to go to the library.’

So father and youngest son left in search of books to read, and mother and oldest son stayed behind. It always amazes me how much more manageable either child is without a sibling around to pester and harass. Individually, they are rather delightful beings. Together, they are slightly less delightful. Especially on days like yesterday.

G and I sat down at the table and began making valentines for his friends at school. There will be a party tomorrow and every child must have a valentine! I cut out the hearts and he painted them. I decided to let his creativity run wild and refrained from suggesting he use conventional valentine colors – like red, and pink. So I let him paint his hearts blue and green and orange. Luckily, he also painted a few red. Funnily enough he earmarked those for the boys in his class. The girls got the blue and green ones.


We had fun, sitting together. Counting and re-counting the number of cards we had, and still needed to paint. His list of people grew progressively longer the more we talked. Friends and teachers from school. Teachers at church. Friends at church. Dad. Mom. Grandparents. My fingers grew weary and bruised from cutting thick paper with child scissors, so I stopped at fourteen hearts. ‘We can make some more tomorrow if we need to,’ I decided.

The other Johnsons arrived home just as we were finishing up. With a new pile of library books, and DVD’s that will undoubtedly be returned past their due date and cost us a small fortune. Because for some reason we are incapable of returning DVD’s on time.

Jason, channeling a Little House on the Prairie moment, dragged us all outside to look at the full moon. Apparently he’d been blown away by the sheer magnitude of it. His family was less blown away, unfortunately.

So we went, we saw and we returned.


Photo by Mr. Johnson, who dropped his whining family at home and took off with the tripod.

2 thoughts on “Full Moons and Valentines

  1. that moon IS amazing!

    i agree, one absent from the two is dreamlike! though these days with just me and louie home while tommy is at school i often wonder what in the world i did all day with tommy before louie was born!


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