Things to fix

It’s strange.. the cumulative effect of a few unfortunate circumstances on a family of four’s individual (and collective) moods. We’ve all been super cranky..and tired today. And cold.

The washing machine broke and laundry hasn’t been done for at least four days, maybe more. Unless you’re counting the singular load I’ve now attempted to wash at least four times.

We went to bed last night, chillier than usual. Unbeknownst to us (at least until this morning) our furnace had decided to take a little hiatus. It was so cold, in fact, that both kids ended up in bed with us – the Hen, by 11pm, and his older brother by about 5am. I thought it was colder than usual because Mr Johnson had, upon receipt of last month’s $500 heating bill (yep)…decided to turn the heat down more than a smidge. Which he had, but by evening after we realized how cold it was, he’d apparently turned it up again. To no avail.

Obviously we slept badly. There were baby feet digging into our backs. Sleepy hands absentmindedly poking our faces. And a persnickety sleeper sitting up every few hours or so, screaming for his favorite pillowcase and pacifier which had gotten stuck under someone’s arm. ‘Scoot over’ Jason barked at me more than once. ‘I can’t’, I replied, equal parts irritation and outrage. Apparently he didn’t know that I had another person on the other side of me. Apparently he thought I was a selfish bed hog.

Morning came. Eventually. Which brought breakfast and a repeat of yesterday’s flurry of phone calls. To the landlord. To the heating & cooling company. It would be a busy day chez Johnson, with washing machine repair and furnace repair people stopping by.

How much would you pay to have a service man look at your washing machine for fifteen minutes; pronounce it clogged with your son’s toy ‘firehose’ and remove said hose? Would you pay $101.60? We sure did.

What do you think a load of super wet laundry sitting in a washing machine for more than four days, smells like? Bad enough that the repairman himself insisted on washing his hands before leaving our premises.

How irritated would you be if, after writing a $100+ check to a repairman, and starting round five of washing ‘the same load of clothes’, your washing machine stopped mid-cycle? Again.

What if you decided to record the day’s events on your blog and the computer froze halfway through and you lost the whole post? Which had never happened to you before. Ever.

What if you went to the bathroom and saw the shower curtain and rod had fallen down again? Would you feel like you were caught in the middle of a Job-like day?

It turns out the pilot light in the furnace went out. And heat was restored to our home a little after 3pm. Luckily, that’s one bill we don’t have to pay.

Jason placed another call to the same washing machine repairman less than an hour after he’d left us. Turns out he’d already driven outside of Calgary and could not come back until tomorrow. He ‘troubleshooted’ with Jason over the phone.

Turns out ‘someone’ forgot to reconnect one of the water hoses after the repairman had performed his magic hose-removal trick.

If I had a fast forward button so today would end, I’d definitely push it right about now. But I really need to find out if that load of laundry is actually going to make it into the dryer today. At this point, I kind of just want to throw the clothes away.

May we wake up tomorrow – warm, with clean-ish clothes, and in better spirits.

And everyone in their respective beds.

4 thoughts on “Things to fix

  1. Yes the laundry is clean and it was warmer last night…but there were still 4 people in our queen-sized bed.

  2. Nicola– Your blog is so funny! Reminds me of my own life frequently. The worst laundry experience I have had with kids is when I dried a huge purple crayon that Oliver had put in his pocket. Ruined a load of nice clothes and turned the inside of the dryer purple permanently. We all continued to wear purple stained clothes around the house for quite some time.

  3. Oh Danielle, that is funny and tragic. I just did a load with a green crayola marker. The damage was fairly minimal – only 4 pairs of dotted pants 🙂


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