Out of the mouths of the babes

Today was a banner day for G-isms, it seemed. Every time he opened his mouth, some gem emanated from it.

The day started off with him still sleeping in our bed, long after everyone else had gotten up and eaten breakfast. By long, I mean twenty or thirty minutes after everyone else had gotten up, which is pretty unusual for him. Eventually I roused him for breakfast. ‘I like coming in to give you snuggles’ he announced; attempting to explain why he feels the need to crawl in my bed every day around 7am (possibly even earlier, but we still haven’t bought an alarm clock). ‘Yeah, and I like it too because you won’t do it forever,’ I agreed. ‘What do you mean?’ he asked. ‘Well, when you’re bigger, you won’t want to snuggle with me’ (sniff, sniff) I explained. ‘Yeah,’ he agreed, ‘I probably won’t snuggle with you when I’m big like daddy.’

After breakfast and getting dressed, he popped back into my room again. ‘Did dad fix the washing machine last night?’ Our fancy front loading washer with its equally fancy extended protection plan has ceased to work. And when G went to bed last night, his father was busy trying to figure out what was wrong. ‘No, he didn’t,’ I reported sadly, knowing we were going to have to summon a very expensive maintenance person to possibly push a button and pronounce the problem solved. ‘Well, we need to call Grandpa’ he insisted. Because of course Grandpa can fix everything. Even over the phone.

Mid-morning (after spending several minutes on the phone with various repair people, Whirpool, and Lowe’s) we headed to the school where he’ll probably go to kindergarten next year to fill out paperwork. There’s no denying the kid is excited to go to big school. As we were leaving, he informed me that he would be taking the bus to school with all the big kids. ‘But I like taking you and picking you up,’ I countered. ‘No, I don’t want you to take me…I want to go on the bus because I’m big.’ Whatever kid, not going to happen

I’ve noticed that G is becoming increasingly bossy…at home and in the company of friends. I suspect he is simply demonstrating some leadership skills that may come in handy in about twelve years….but until that time we will have to monitor the bossy-ness. Apparently his brother hit him today while we were gathered in the kitchen. ‘Mom, he hit me…you need to put him in a time out.’ When I didn’t respond immediately, he turned to his brother: ‘if you hit me one more time, you’re going to have a big time out.’

This from the same kid who accused his dad the other day of ‘taking away his future.’ Seriously, I don’t know who or what he is listening to.

But the piece de resistance of the day came from the mouths of G’s preschool friends, twin boys. I was loading my boys into the car when the twins started talking to me from inside their minivan. ‘Look,’ one of the boys pointed to his sippy cup, ‘it’s kind of like drinking out of a beer can!’ I couldn’t even feign outrage, I just burst out laughing. Their mom seemed a little embarassed; possibly worrying I’d think her boys had been drinking from beer cans.

Well, his brother wasn’t going to be outdone after seeing my and his mom’s reactions….’yeah, it kind of tastes like beer,’ he added for emphasis.

I’m so looking forward to junior high.

7 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of the babes

  1. Well now I’m dying to know, what exactly did J say or do to prompt the accusation that G’s future was being “taken away”?

  2. Honestly, I think he must have heard the phrase somewhere…because I just now asked Mr G. about it and it’s clear he has no idea what it means. Maybe Jason took away his ‘tools’ and he saw his future as a plumber disappear….

  3. I love the line: Whatever kid, not going to happen …
    And then the very next sentence: I’ve noticed that G is becoming increasingly bossy

    :o) I’m doing some serious blog catching up while editing photos! Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  4. Yeah…the origin of Mr G’s bossy-ness is um, evident. In fact Jason and I can just go on vacation – he’s got all our lines down pat and uses them on his brother continuously. ‘Do you understand…if you do {that} one more time..you’re going to the naughty chair.’ Ridiculous!


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