Brotherly love

Sometimes it takes mere minutes to put the kids to bed. And other times, the process turns into something akin to the infamous Minnesota (long) goodbye. It stretches on, interminably, and nobody appears to be going anywhere. Much less to bed.

One night last week the Hen was placed in his crib around 7.15pm, which was right on schedule. But minutes later he was crying. Blame it on the overly dramatic Maria Callas CD his dad had loaded into the CD player in his room. Or blame it on the fact that big brother was still very much awake, and could be heard dragging his ‘pirate ship’ to our room. Big brother had fallen asleep late-afternoon during a particularly explosive meltdown and was going to be up until 10.30pm. At least.

So Jason took pity on the Hen and brought him out again to join the party for a little while. He looked a treat, his just-washed hair having dried and puffed out nicely. Like one of those ‘hair cutting dolls’ from the early 80’s. The boys played ‘pirate’ for a while, on the ship. Which was made of 2 pillows and a comforter. The little one was the captain – in name only – since his older brother was shouting out all the commands.

Twenty minutes or so later, the Hen was escorted back to his crib; back to Maria Callas land. And a minute later the Gort appeared in our doorway. Fake-crying that he wanted (someone) to snuggle with him. Jason assumed G was asking for him. But when he got up, our oldest said: ‘no, I want [my baby brother] to snuggle with me for a little bit.’


Well we weren’t going to say no to that. The Hen was retrieved, again, and taken to his brother’s bed. We parents hid behind the doorway, spying on the two. It was adorable, really. G held a book aloft, trying to ‘read’ to his brother. And little brother feigned interest for a minute or so, before moving on…literally. G tried to drag him back to his designated spot, to finish the book. But the little man was having none of it and started crawling away again.

At which point G took his gynormous pillow and placed it upon his brother’s back and proceeded to sit on him.

I intervened.

3 thoughts on “Brotherly love

  1. Maria Callas lulling a toddler to sleep? Reminds me of a story (Chicago?) years ago -after school detention class was full every day so the school started playing Frank Sinatra music. The kids couldn’t stand listening to ol’ blue eyes and did everything to avoid detention.


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