Saturday Family

I don’t know if the Johnson household is suffering from a touch of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but we’ve been highly unmotivated as of late. Lazy, in layman’s terms. Most days find us, at least three of us, lounging around in our pajamas (err, comfy clothes) – doing not much of anything.

And Saturday proved to be no exception.

G begins every morning by asking ‘is this just a play day?’ You’d think the kid has a part-time job or something, and is just desperate for a day off. All he does is play, save the 6 hours a week he goes to preschool. And the 2 hours a week at church. That leaves roughly 76 hours a week for him to do nothing but play.

So Saturday started with some breakfast which quickly turned into ‘playing’…while wearing pajamas. By 3pm, as J and I were lazing around, tickling the Hen, watching him climb on and off the bed, I had to ask: ‘do you think we’re the worst parents ever?’ It was a perfectly beautiful day. And here we were. In our ‘comfy’ clothes.. inside..’playing.’

‘We need to do something‘ I insisted. And twenty minutes later, the Incredible family was out the door in search of adventure. G is obsessed with ‘The Incredibles’ as of late and now likes to pretend he is an ‘Incredible.’ In his fictitious world, Jason also gets to be an ‘Incredible’ and the Hen gets to be the crazy robot out to destroy the world. And I get to be Fro-zone. Why I’m not allowed to be ‘Mrs Incredible’ or, at least, Elastigirl…..I’ll never understand.

In order to assume his role as an ‘Incredible’ G must put a pair of socks on his hands – gloves. Why he doesn’t just use an actual pair of gloves…I’ll never understand, either.

So we walked out the door and headed to the car – in search of adventure. All three Johnson boys dressed in some type of red shirt (they’re Incredibles, after all) and Fro-zone dressed in blue.

I suggested we drive to Cochrane, a town about forty five minutes away. I’d read about a good coffee shop and ice cream shop there. It seemed reason enough to make the pilgrimage.

Less than an hour later we arrived at Java Jamboree. As I walked into the shop holding onto G’s stockinged hand, I felt a little ridiculous – but I certainly wasn’t going to ask him to take off the socks/gloves. We had some tasty espresso drinks, complete with latte art, and the boys shared some juice and a piece of carrot cake. After thoroughly caffeinating ourselves, we headed to the Dollar Store next door where the boys reveled in the vile plastic cheapness that personifies the place. For some reason my kids – maybe all kids – really love the Dollar Store. They turn practically giddy at the thought of buying cheap, bad-smelling toys. And possibly-expired-candy.

That would have been the extent of our Cochrane experience, but we stumbled upon the ice cream place on our way out of town. How could we not stop? Even though the kids had already had cake and candy, just minutes before. So we stopped and sampled scoops of Cherry Custard, Spanish Caramel and Maple Walnut. Tasty, but certainly not something one would drive forty-five minutes for.

And then, because we’d over-sugared ourselves, we stopped at the local fish ‘n chips place for takeout. On the drive back we nibbled on fried fish and potatoes to restore some sense of dietetic equilibrium. The Cochrane expedition had proved a little more caloric than I’d envisioned, but at least it got us out of the house for a few hours.

We will go for a walk tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Family

  1. Your first paragraph accurately describes this household (of 1). Like self-imposed house arrest and no energy/inclination to do something about it.
    Did you enjoy the walk? You did go, right?

  2. 10 minutes….by the time we finally went, the balmy day had turned chilly since the sun was setting and G pronounced himself ‘freezing’….and unable to walk.


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