Friday Night Family

There are children in this world who apparently hide their ill feelings so well, their parents are often surprised when they go to the doctor’s office and are informed the kid has a double ear infection, or tonsillitis or strep throat.

I don’t actually have a child like that, but I’ve heard other parents speak to this phenomenon.

Currently our Hen is feeling a little under the weather; oozing snot and coughing like someone with a 3 pack a day cigarette habit. He spends his awake hours walking through the house crying, tugging on someone’s pants to be picked up. The crying only (sort of) ceases when he’s being held. Which means whenever I want to use the bathroom these days, I have a choice – hold the Hen on my lap, or listen to him scream because I’m not holding him.

Our dinner prospects were looking rather grim this evening. Following a two hour volunteering stint at the preschool, (most of my duties carried out while holding sickly Hen with my left arm), I was exhausted. There was snack preparation, table cleaning, bathroom cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. Who am I – Cinderella? With a snotty sidekick? I don’t even work this hard at my own house.

In an effort to while away the time before the professor would be home, I decided a quick trip to the grocery store was in order. Since there was nothing inspiring my culinary senses at home. Perhaps our downtrodden souls would be cheered up by some random, fiscally irresponsible grocery shopping. Perhaps sugar and fat would make us all feel just a little bit better.

We bought dark chocolate McVitties, plain Bugles, and Mentos (G’s selection). We also got hot chocolate mix (just add hot water, yuck), and blue corn tortilla chips. And a few ingredients for tonight and tomorrow night’s dinner.

By the time we got home the professor was there, and able to keep the beasts at bay while I assembled dinner.

On the menu for tonight: veggie sandwiches, much like the #6 veggie sub at Jimmy Johns. If you like Jimmy Johns, but haven’t yet tried the veggie sub, you should. It’s truly delicious. Soft french bread, mayo, guacamole, tomato, cucumber, provolone cheese, sprouts and lettuce. I wouldn’t call it ‘healthy’.

To my knowledge there’s not a Jimmy Johns in Calgary. Admittedly, I haven’t really looked into it – I enjoy their sandwiches, I’m not a slave to them. So I decided to replicate the #6 at home this evening.

I bought a baguette at Safeway, along with organic cucumber and vine ripened tomatoes. I’d bought a tub of guacamole from Boca Loca and I had mayo and gouda at home.

The sandwiches were quite delicious, even without the aforementioned sprouts and lettuce which I’m not a huge fan of anyway. I noted that Jason’s second helping looked a little different than the first. Apparently my thinly sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, and modest smears of guacamole and mayo didn’t really do it for him.

His rendition, had thick slices of veggies – twice the width of mine, and mayo and guac oozing beyond the perimeter of the bread. ‘Going for the healthy version?’ I inquired.

The G man even ate two small (‘baby’) sandwiches (save the guacamole which he deemed too spicy). The Hen ate yogurt with bananas – not even a cup of hot chocolate or a cookie could bring him out of his misery.

Now it’s off to select a child-friendly movie from our vast personal collection. Most likely Sleepless in Seattle – again.

At least it’s not The Incredibles, again.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Family

  1. G makes you watch The Incredibles over and over again too? Between that and Horton, I’m about to lose my mind! Word Girl on PBS has been offering some nice variety lately. It’s really cute!


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