Sibling Love



It’s my little/only sister’s birthday today which is always a great opportunity for her to remind me that I am older (and much grayer) than she. Though only by eighteen months.

As I watch my boys interact with each other, I inevitably think back to when she and I were younger and equally ‘spirited’. The similarities are uncanny….though my boys are blonde and we were always brunette.

She bit me often – to exact revenge or get something she wanted. The Hen has also decided his jaws speak much louder than words. If big brother, really anyone, is out of line in any way, he opens up and clamps down – a man of few words.

G and I apparently share the same childhood haircut if this picture is any indication. (A boy in a blue and white dress -thanks mom!) And the Hen and my sister (at that age) have the same apple cheeks and uncooperative hair.

I laughed as I watched my boys sitting in the kitchen today; taking turns squawking at each other and slapping one another’s hands in a wordless game of pat-a-cake.

Which is what having a sibling is all about, I suppose: someone to do nothing with. A person who bears (eye)witness to the ridiculousness that is, or was, your parents. Someone who will forever remember your clown perms in high school; when you taped up your nose to look like a pig; your unabashed love of Whitney Houston and your top secret love of Barbra Streisand’s Yentl soundtrack.

Happy Birthday Nilla!

You are the wind beneath my wings.

8 thoughts on “Sibling Love

  1. I can’t believe how much G looks like you!! Wow. And Barbra Streisand? Really? Sorry, we can’t be friends. I mean she really does not have a “good” voice, her looks are well…ahem, I won’t go there…and her songs??? “People…people who need people” “Papa can you hear me?” Not my style!

  2. Now just for the record, the clown perms, the taped nose, the love of whitney and barbra. Those are all my sister’s special attributes. I’ve never had a perm in my life. But I do own a Barbra Streisand CD. I guess you develop a taste for the music your parents listen to, whether you want to or not….Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Leonard Cohen, ABBA…..How can you not love Papa?!

  3. the haircut similarities are hilarious!! I should look back at some old pics and see if I ever had one that resembles Spencer…unfortunately I am QUITE sure mine never looked like Eph’s. 🙂

  4. Don’t forget the certain alleged poster that was in “nilla’s” room. just sitting there hanging tough… ooo ooo ooo ooo oo. just hanging tough.

  5. I too have a pic of me and my sis when we were little – looks just like Eli and Jonah. What’s up with current boy styles throwing back to early 80’s girl cuts? Mystery. I’m glad to see some pics of little Nicola that look like the boys! Around here I do all the work and my kids look like their dad. That’s just rude!


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