The Magical Christmas Penguin

Santa Claus really did come to my chimney this year.

It all started with that blasted matriushka penguin, again. While doing some clean-up last week, the top half of the penguin accidentally fell off my pile-of-stuff-to-put-away and tumbled into the abyss that is the (faux?) gas fireplace. I heard the tinny sound as it hit the metal surround, and then it was gone.


I did not dig through leaves and dirt only to lose that penguin in my own home.

So today while we were doing ‘Johnson family clean-up’ I asked J to see if he could find the penguin. My cursory investigation beneath the fireplace hadn’t yielded anything other than a desiccated carrot, a Winnie the Pooh band-aid and countless cheerios and dust bunnies.

[Side note: ‘someone’ had also stuck the tiny tree that fits inside said penguin in a house ornament. I asked Mr Magic to see if he could retrieve it, before we forgot about it and had a nightmarish tantrum on our hands in December 2009.]

He stuck his arm in the narrow gap between the surround and the wall, blindly trying to find a penguin. Nothing turned up. Eventually he felt something like a CD cover and pulled it out. A Monster’s Inc DVD appeared. It’s not a movie we own, so it must have been left by the last family who lived here.

He kept reaching for the penguin, but found something else. A Chicken Little DVD. Also not ours. His third attempt yielded 3 Franklin DVDs, 1 Thomas DVD and a Dora the Explorer DVD. The cheapskate in me rejoiced. Two movies and five kids’ shows all for the price of sticking one’s arm behind the fireplace?

After cleaning off the grimy disks, I played Monsters’ Inc on my laptop. Which G begged to see, despite having to cover his eyes for the opening scene.

J walked in with the matriushka and handed it to me. ‘Did you find it?’ I asked. He shrugged and motioned for me to open it.

After removing the first two snowmen, the blasted (magical) penguin appeared, with a teeny tiny tree nestled inside.

Which I immediately hid high on the mantle, so no one can (hopefully) reach it.

3 thoughts on “The Magical Christmas Penguin

  1. Aren’t there two fireplaces in the house? Have you investigated all possible hiding places for more treasure? Behind the paneling?

  2. I think the poor penguin is trying hard to run away. although if he would take his legs with him he might get farther. Or maybe he is a magical gift penguin. You may recall last time he went missing we found abandoned money left on a big rock at the park.


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