Burning Snowmen

dec211 On the second day of Christmas, my true loves gave to me…..two burning snowmen and a queasy feeling in my tummy…

My oldest interrupted me during a bit of mindless internet surfing. I couldn’t have foreseen that it would end up costing me. I was looking at a photo blog when he saw a snowman birthday cake. ‘We could make a snowman cake today,’ he said to me in his syrupy voice that he uses when he wants me to feel like he’s including me in something really special. It works every time.

After I picked him up at preschool we went to the Superstore to pick up the essentials – like flour and candy and socks and play-doh. I (having no cash with which to procure a cart) had to walk through the store carrying the hefty Hen in one arm and my purchases with the other. It should also be mentioned that the Hen wasn’t wearing any shoes, because I’d secretly hoped G would have forgotten about the whole ‘cake’ thing. But, of course, he didn’t. The kid has the memory of an elephant.

Lucky for me the store only had 7lb bags of flour…instead of, say, 1 or 2lb bags. Super! I set the Hen down to hoist the enormous bag of flour into my reusable bag. He took off running. In stockinged feet. Like he was headed for a touchdown. Of course, other people generally think it’s cute to see a grown woman tear down a grocery aisle after her miniature-sized offspring. And I was chuckling too, but I was also worn out, and we weren’t even done yet. He’d already done the same in the clothes section and the toys section. He’d stolen a container of Crayola Gouache and run off with it. And, later, a box of Oxo stock cubes.

gorhenmixer After dinner – reheated spaghetti with meat sauce that no one ate on account of the queasiness that pervades our household at the moment – G and I made the cake. But, not before our littlest snowman came in to rile up his big brother. It may look as if he is hamming it up for the camera, but he’s actually wailing in outrage. Funny, how perfectly pleasant he looks to an outside observer, and how strange his big brother (who was trying to push his sibling off the red chair) looks, wearing boxer shorts… to make a cake.

Once the blondies were separated, things went rather swimmingly. The cake was baked, the frosting was made. I cut out twelve circular shapes in three sizes so we could make four mini snowman cakes. The three oldest Johnsons frosted and decorated the sugary treats, because it was quite late in the evening by this point.

And then, in a typical, boys will be boys moment, father and son stuck birthday candles into their respective cakes and lit them (on fire). We also had to sing Happy Birthday to G…though his birthday is still three months away.


3 thoughts on “Burning Snowmen

  1. The picture of the boys is telling quite a story – too precious!
    Did the Johnsons eat snowman cake in spite of the queasiness? Silly question.

  2. the second picture of the snowman looks like he has wings…and big scary eyeballs. 🙂 hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Yeah – the snowmen do look scary. I should post a picture of my ‘normal’ unlit snowman. I suggested using raisins for eyes – to avoid the crazy bugged out look, but creative spirits will not be tamed!


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