I am not a man who particularly enjoys travel when it is related to work. First there is of course the actual mechanics of the endeavor. Getting up at 430 AM. Not fun. Waiting until the last minute to pack. Stupid. Then of course there is the minor issue of the lack of a light in the closet, but hey it’s a conference of architecture academics just reach for something black the wife helpfully suggests. And having sat through 3 days of a tutorial on a piece of software that is making my head implode, I look around and find myself ensconced in a crowd of black clad wunderkinds. After a pleasant if confusing discussion of the Canadian and American elections with a cabbie from India on the way to the airport, I run through the process of preparing to board the flight, where by the way I will get no peanuts, no pretzels nary a snack of any kind to be found. Well I mean at least I will get a glass of water right? WRONG sucker. That’s right the most plentiful element on earth will set you back $2 on USAirways. Well a movie, that will be nice. Uhh I might be wrong but isn’t the film Cinderella Man like 5 years old? I mean this airline is seriously like TBS or something, a very non premium situation. But hey I never saw it so why not. … Umm here is why not. When the stock market is exploding and we are all shouting about how the sky is falling, I don’t think it’s a good time to show a movie about formerly comfortable people living in cardboard boxes in central park… I’m not going to say I cried, because that would just be a ploy for your emotions, but it was some powerful acting and the plane windows seemed to be fogging up or something. So we are at the climax of the film he is boxing the champ, who has killed people in the ring, renee zelwegger’s character even goes to the fight to lend support. It is all too much to take… and then zipppp. Nothing the TV is turned off, due to our need to land… I mean who cares if we watch the movie during landing… Is the pilot watching as well, are we turning it off so he won’t be tempted to watch the movie instead of the runway? So I am two for two on missing out on boxing movie endings while in flight, I also missed out on whether or not the woman boxer in the Clint Eastwood movie ended up dying or not.

So yes my dear it may seem glamorous to be sitting at a table of archinerds discussing the merits of the GrasshopperAPI versus the unidirectional flow of GC. Eating out at Café Barbette anticipating their delicious mac and cheese with pommes frites only to find them replaced on the menu by cold salmon and unripe tomatoes. And yes we will all hand out our cards and say “we should collaborate sometime”, people will stare blankly as I pass out zingers left and right, but their faces will be aglow as they discuss the highly localized differential instantiation of an element on a surface… And that’s all good stuff. Great stuff even. But when I read the entries from back on the homefront it makes my day and brings a little bit of reality back into my life. So yes as hard as it is to believe, I miss the mayhem of our little piece of heaven.


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