Plumbers are people too

Have you ever been in a conversation with a woman who has kids, and as you’re talking to her the kid approaches and starts trying to get her attention (loudly, insistently, repeatedly) all while you’re talking?

That was me today – trying to have a conversation with the plumber, while my eldest stood by my side demanding that I retrieve his magnix (magnets).  I think he stopped short of pulling on my clothes which would have probably set off my nuclear button.

When the plumber returned to his truck to retrieve something, I squatted beside G so I could look him in the eye.  ‘When a person is talking to mommy, you have to wait until the person is done talking before you can talk.’

I asked him to repeat what I’d just said, so I could be sure he understood.

Instead he countered: ‘but there’s not a person in the house….it’s just a plumber.’

So, yes, I expanded the pledge: ‘when a person OR A PLUMBER is talking to mommy……’


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