Painting a gate

There was a window of opportunity to tackle my to-do list, today. The baby took a morning nap, so I got down to business. Dug out the dark brown paint, (Turkish Coffee, I think) found a paint brush whose bristles I could coerce into bending and prepared to paint the gate to the back yard. Except the lid of the paint can could not be removed for any amount of money. A crow bar, a knife, a screwdriver, finally pliers. Many minutes later, the lid – forever ruined – was off.

I started painting. And while I was painting I thought about a couple of things. One, that I’m an idiot and should have left the funky gate – craftily put together by J with random pieces of wood from his ‘Garage Collection 2007’ – alone. Two, that, annoying as it can be sometimes, we are pretty fortunate to have a boy who loves nothing more than to be outside morning, noon and night. Preferably digging in dirt, mulch, or sand.

Right about the time I finished that thought, G made eye contact and said ‘I want to help you paint.’ Uh, okay. I couldn’t really come up with any excuses – we were outside, the damage would be minimal, it might help his gross motor skills….. So I found a brush that was even worse than the one I was using and handed it to him, and he started painting. [Think globs of dark paint dripping everywhere. And whenever he got paint on his hands, he’d wipe them off on my jeans. Thanks!]

To be fair, the brush put him at a considerable disadvantage. I tried to patiently instruct him in the ways of painting – particularly the ‘removing any excess paint from the brush before applying paint’ part. But really, things were going pretty well, even if it was slowing me down and I feared the baby would start crying before we finished.

‘I’m just going to paint over here now,’ he said. ‘Uh huh,’ I replied absentmindedly, without looking to see what he was actually doing.

Painting the paving stones is what he was doing.


3 thoughts on “Painting a gate

  1. That, and J took both cameras to Argentina…if little H decides to walk this week I’m instructed to push him down and pretend it never happened.

  2. uhhh. i guess you forgot i bought some spraypaint for that so it would “go faster” but considering our first bundle of joy needed to help, it probably would have resulted in some sort of paint explosion on the neighbor’s house. I can’t believe you are trying to do all this, you are truly a superwoman.


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