I’d barely walked through the door when Jason asked me ‘did you see the study?’ By the tone of his voice, I could tell he must have read something that confirmed an opinion of his.

Apparently he’d read a recent study’s results , that married people have a higher level of happiness than people who are not. That is, until they have children, when their level of happiness apparently plummets.

Now I am definitely of the opinion that children add a level of stress to one’s life and marriage, but I was surprised by the conclusion that they are essentially happiness thieves. Particularly when most women, on any given day, will tell you how happy they are to be moms and how much they love their children. Of course, Prof Gilbert explains this by saying people who invest a lot in something, will tell you how great that something is. (He uses the example of Armani socks).

Jason, a vocal proponent of a two-child family (for us), was particularly satisfied with the conclusion that the more children you have, the sadder you are likely to be. [Makes me wonder how unhappy that family with seventeen children must be!]

My favorite quote of the article (emphasis mine), “In reality … children do seem to increase happiness as long as you’re expecting them, but as soon as you have them, trouble sets in,” he said.

G must have read the results too, as he just walked by and handed me something: “I gave you a star to make you feel happy,” he clarified.

Since, evidently, he’s not getting the job done.

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