Impulsivity: a Limerick (not at all)

There once was a man

Who had to sell a house

In order to sell the house

He had to fix up the kitchen

In order to fix up the kitchen

He had to address the dirty wallpapered backsplash

In an effort to address the dirty wallpapered backsplash

He summarily ripped off two panels (of said dirty wallpapered backsplash)

Without checking to see if he had enough left over to cover the space

Unfortunately the man’s wife got the wallpaper from London instead of Lowe’s

So the man spent an evening trying to piece together the missing panel from remnants

The End/To be Continued


7 thoughts on “Impulsivity: a Limerick (not at all)

  1. You have to respect the honesty of a person whose blog has a category called “Why you’re glad you’re not married to me.”

  2. Well I’m just trying my best to dispel the vicious rumors about my being a barrel of laughs.

  3. JASON!! 🙂 Didn’t he put his special touch on the tile in your master bath in the last house you sold? It’s just his way of leaving a little piece of himself behind. Yard mohawks are temporary; ripped wallpaper is forever. Or something like that. 🙂

  4. Oh Amber, I’d forgotten about his artistry: creating a mosaic ceiling in the shower with 2 inch grout joints…worth its own limerick.


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