Mammogram humor

I accompanied a friend to her mammogram appointment at the Imaging Center today. While waiting, a young girl came in and sat down a few seats away.

She leaned over to the older woman on her left and asked ‘have you had an ultrasound before?’ The woman replied that she had. The girl asked, ‘do you have to take your shirt off?’

The woman explained that, yes, you had to remove your shirt and undergarments and put on a gown. She then proceeded to explain to the girl that her breasts would be placed (smashed) between two plates and it would hurt.

Horrified, the girl clutched her chest, bemoaning the fact that she wasn’t particularly well endowed. The older woman chuckled, countering that she WAS well endowed and it still hurt.

The girl then became confused, asking ‘but why do they need to look at my breasts for a [pelvic] ultrasound?’

At which point I roared with laughter, as did the two women, about the little miscommunication.

3 thoughts on “Mammogram humor

  1. And now I’m laughing out loud. Ha! Eli’s “shooshing” me because I’m interrupting the cartoon he’s already seen at least twice. Anyway, I needed that. Thanks! 🙂


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