A preschooler’s best lines at bedtime

If I’m not snuggled in my own bed, God will be sad

I don’t want to snuggle with you, you’re stinky

I don’t want to close my eyes…it will hurt

I have a cough….I need something to make me feel better

I want to sleep in my bed, I don’t want to sleep in your bed…I don’t like your bed

I want my mommy….I don’t like you [daddy]

I’m so scared. Don’t turn on the light – I’m very scared.

When the sun comes up again, I want a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast

One thought on “A preschooler’s best lines at bedtime

  1. these are so precious! it seems like a) he says he doesn’t like your bed, but then b) ends up in your bed. classic!


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