Equality…it isn’t cheap…or rational

I’m sensitive to the notion (fact) that the second child usually gets the shaft as regards memory preservation. Based on my unscientific survey of random-mom-anecdotes, it seems like the second kid usually doesn’t get the elaborate journals, detailed record of ‘firsts’, or same number of boring pictures taken while doing absolutely nothing but looking adorable, as the first child.

So I’m determined to defy the anecdotes/odds and love my kids equally where memory preservation is concerned.

For G, I’ve placed all his photos of doing nothing but looking cute, along with my witty anecdotes, in seven, lovely scrapbook albums of the same brand and color (Kolo, Newport 11×14, in Mango for those who care).

So, last summer we were having a baby and I figured, for parity’s sake, I’d have to use the exact same album, but in a different color – OBVIOUSLY. And I tell you, I actually agonized over choosing the color – it had to be equally attractive, after all. So I went with ‘Cobalt’.

A few weeks after H was born, I diligently started putting photos in the album, to stay ahead of the game and score a victory for second-born children everywhere.

But then I got tired and busy, yada yada yada, and suddenly months have passed since I started that first album.

So today I figured I’d get a headstart on continuing ‘the project’ and order the next album. I got on the website of my favorite supplier, only to discover, quelle horreur, COBALT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED. Some funky pale, teal-ish blue called Ocean has replaced it.

Talk about an unfortunate turn of events. I don’t need to tell you that ‘Ocean’ does not equal ‘Mango’ in attractiveness.

So I frantically searched the internet for any signs of remaining Cobalt albums. And, miraculously, I found some on another (potentially dodgy) website. And, realizing time was running out for me to buy these stupid blue albums, I counted up how many I’d done for G and ordered the same number for little H.

As J so helpfully pointed out when I told him about my dilemma and its expensive resolution….’what makes you think he’s going to care about having matching blue albums?’

Spoken like a father, I guess.

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