Confusion, Bodum-Style

I was really irked about Bodum’s unresponsiveness to my complaint about the broken milk frother. So I decided to make one more attempt at letting them know about my plight. I sent them an email (which was pretty hard to do because the website automatically connects to Microsoft Outlook and since my laptop wasn’t set up for it I had to use my husband’s.)

And, about a week later, they responded. Bodum apologized for the inconvenience and then explained they required a receipt for all exchanges. Fine, except it was a gift from my sister – I didn’t have a receipt and neither did she, the girl who throws everything away.

So I ignored the email, semi-satisfied that they had at least responded to me.

Two days later I got another email from Bodum – from the same Customer-Service-Representative who-shall-remain-nameless. ‘Did I respond to this email?’ She asked. ‘I need the mailing address where you want your replacement frother sent.’

Huh? Was this a joke?

Just for fun, I sent her my mailing address, fully expecting she would realize that she had previously told me I needed to submit a receipt for an exchange.

But a few days later I got another email with a UPS tracking number, informing me that the frother had been sent.

And a week later the frother arrived in a box addressed to: Nicola Brenner Nicola

I haven’t bothered to see if it works.


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