Brotherly love

I was on a mission to clean up the boys’ room Saturday night, so I let them stay up, playing until about 9.30pm. And since they were being cute and sort of playing together, it really wasn’t a problem. But, inevitably, little brother decides he is not satisfied playing by himself and wanders over to check out big brother’s stuff. Which is never particularly appreciated.

We were all in the closet engaged in our various activities – I was putting away clothes, G was trying to build a castle and H was trying to destroy it. All of a sudden I heard G say ‘I put my hands behind my back and I say stop!’ He said it with the authority of someone trying to exorcise a demon, even if he was just trying to get his brother to back off without physically ‘removing’ him.

While the little guy did not necessarily respond to this tactic, my effusive praise for using words instead of hands resulted in G saying it several more times.

When it was finally time to go to sleep, G decided he wanted to snuggle with his brother in the crib. Now the crib is already being held together by wire and I wasn’t sure it would accommodate the additional 37 pounds, but I complied in an effort to advance brotherly love.

The baby was delighted by the company, bouncing up and down with a big smile on his face. And G embraced his role as older brother. ‘Look’, he pointed out, ‘these are my forest jammies.’ (If forests consist of sailboats and palm trees.) And his little brother looked on with great interest. Apparently not quite as perplexed as his mother about why older brother insists on wearing last summer’s (too short and too tight) pj’s.


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